1. The Dude Inhales

    LED lights glow when off

    What up dudes and dudettes, I have a situation which surely everyone growing with LED lights has encountered. I'm not sure its a problem however my LED lights have a slight glow to them when powered off via a wall outlet timer. The outlet timer is nothing special, a 25 dollar digital chunk of...
  2. D

    49F SourOG & Blue Widow - Retail LEDs

    I thought I'd put up a few shots of my lovely ladies as they head into week eight of flower, bathing under the warm glow of 2700k 9w retail LEDs purchased from HD: Cheers! ~DHD
  3. J

    CFL bulb - Blueish glow

    Wanted to add a couple of more lights to my set up. At the store I could not remember what I had purchased already so I chose Phillips 100w Daylight deluxe 1600 lumens. Popped em in and they have very blueish glow. Took them down, didn't what to mess with the girls. I guess my questions are...
  4. M

    Hello :) Requesting Help With LED

    Ok to start off hello everyone. I am new to the forum and so I hope that I am posting this correctly, I did search already for this problem but did not find a post that covered this exact issue. I have looked all over the net for answers regarding a grow light doing this but have only found info...
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