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  1. GG4.jpg


    GG4 grown by icemud
  2. Macdaddy420

    Macdaddy Goes Automatic

    Hey guys and girls at 420 magazine. I picked my up some regular auto flower seeds from a local breeder who I got my feminized photoperiod seeds from as well. Strain: “sweet harambe” Description from breeder of genetics: This was using our highly prized "Gorilla Ryder" male with the Cream Cookies...
  3. Gorilla Glue

    Gorilla Glue

    The one with chubby tiny leaves in bloom.
  4. IMG_20180727_054619(1).jpg


    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
  5. IMG_20180805_192833.jpg


    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
  6. 2080807_190222.jpg


    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
  7. G Glue Auto

    G Glue Auto

    67 Days
  8. R

    My First Indoor & Second Grow - Day 37 First 12/12

    Gorilla Glue Pink Kush Green Crack Kosher Kush(with Sensi Skunk suffered a minute accident) Sensi Skunk Babies Panama,Bangi Haze,Pineapple Chunk,cuttings Glue 8 days. Raised bog peat/ BioOrganic All Mix 50/50. H2O and root juice first 2 weeks. First feed(very light)they rejected...
  9. Ron Strider

    Gorilla Glue To Weed Grower: Dude, Quit Using Our Name

    Call it "Buddha," "indo,'' "loud,'' - just don't call your weed Gorilla Glue. If you do, you risk a lawsuit from Sharonville-based Gorilla Glue Co., which is suing a Las Vegas-based marijuana grower for trademark infringement. The defendant, GG Strains, produces a highly potent, hybrid...
  10. G

    Does Gorilla Glue Need Carbon Filter?

    A person I know locally said they have some Gorilla Glue seeds. Not sure if #1 or #4. Would a person need an odor eliminating system for them? Thanks
  11. choccitydgk

    ChocCity Genetics Perpetual Grow

    Wassup 420Mag community. I am back to try and complete a full journal. During my last journal attempt, my wife had a pregnancy issue and we ended having our baby girl 3 months early. All is well now, both the wife and baby are doing great (baby girl now 13 months old). Now that things have...
  12. thedude69

    5 Weeks into Flower - 2 Gorilla Glue #4

  13. M

    Gorilla Glue, Purple Kush & Purple Crack: First Time Grow

    A friend gave me a gorilla glue seed he had,thought I'd see if it would grow. So this started me on a whole new obsession. this is what it looks like now
  14. Nismo12

    Nismo Tries To Tame The Gorilla! Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Auto & Six Shooter Auto

    Welcome 420 family to this Auto Adventure! For the next 3 months we will be taming the infamous Gorilla Glue. This strain has been on our to grow list for a while and we are glad we are getting this opportunity. These were sent to us from Gorilla Seeds in favor of a journal of these Fast Buds...
  15. Y

    DIY- Quick irrigation - Nutrition liquid with syringe

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the list of preparing...
  16. K

    Best Medical Marijuana Strains Of July 2016

    The best cannabis strains in America - assemble! Bye, bye, July - you were a scorcher. The conventions, the tension, the heat wave. We wonder if weed was the only thing chilling this country out from total meltdown. Seriously, vote Fridge 2016. Let's chill people. Also, in July - the...
  17. T

    Combination of strains

    I sure ended up with a variety this time around. I got strains from the clubs as well as others. Here is the list. Looking for comments about your favorite on the list and what to do special for each. Gorilla Glue #2 Gorilla Glue #4 Sherbet Golden Goat Kosher Kush Purple Kush Platinum...
  18. jandre2k3

    Jandre2k3s - Strain Info Only Gorilla Glue #4 - Veg Cycle For Cloning

    Jandre2k3s - Strain Info Only Gorilla Glue #4 - Veg Cycle For Cloning Strain: Gorilla Glue #4 Type: Mostly Sativa Breeder: Joesy Whales and Marrdog Genetics: Sour Dubb x Chem Sis Growing Time: 9-10 weeks Flowering: ~67 days Yield: Moderate Scent: Lemon, pine, slightly...
  19. Lyzardman

    Gorilla Glue #7 In 6.6 Gallon - Over Veg For Clones - SOG - 5x5 Tent - 1000W MH/HPS

    I am starting up this journal (this one probably won't get updates as often as my NL#5 until it is done flowering. The object of this journal is to document the veg and cloning of Sue who is my Gorilla Glue #7 (second batch of seeds the from the same hermie crop that gave us Gorilla Glue #4). My...
  20. D

    Crazy glue safe in reservoir?

    Hi everyone, lemme just say hi since I'm new here :P Anyways, I have 2 53L reservoirs, which I plan on growing 4 plants in, 2 in each container in a DWC setup. My problem is kinda simple really. I wanna put a 14" airstone in the bottom of each reservoir. I've tried to keep them held down with...
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