1. Curly Beaver

    How can I make e-cig liquid/juice from Glycerin Tincture

    I have a lot of glycerine tincture that I want to turn into liquid for an e-cig pen. Somewhere I read that you just needed to cut the glycerin tincture with propylene glycol but now I can't find that article/directions. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to turn glycerin tincture into e-liquid...
  2. Man'O'Green

    Tincture that best preserves the flavor of the buds

    I love chewing on a well cured piece of bud - so many wonderful flavors! The sticky stuff off my trimming shears is a little taste of heaven. I want to make a Vegetable Glycerin Tincture that will preserve as much of those flavors as possible as well as activate the THC/CBD and other...
  3. G

    What To Do With Glycerin Tincture Besides Under Tongue?

    I've completed my first batch of glycerin tincture. My intent was to utilize it to make my own, special, ecig ejuice. That seems to work okay, with a little flavoring from my local vape store, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a use for marijuana glycerin extraction besides the ejuice...
  4. C

    Help With CBD Extracts

    I want to try and make a glycerin extract of CBD for myself as most CBD products out there are too overpriced and some are garbage. I was wondering if anybody has experience with this as I have some questions. I use a Storz and Bickel Plenty vaporizer not a Volcano (mine does not use collection...
  5. ilikebike

    Am I making this tincture right?!

    making THC tincture using a heated vegetable glycerin method for my first time, im not using a double boil, just a rice cooker on the "warm setting". I have a thermometer in the mixture right now its staying steady at 162*F 1)Blended all weed, stems, hash into fine powder. (Used 17.5g of The...
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