1. Aphid Gnat?

    Aphid Gnat?

    First signs this morning. Time to step up the game.
  2. M

    Splotches on leaves: help me to resolve the mystery?

    Over the past few weeks ago splotches like this (1) and this (2) appeared on the leaves (old growth) and leaves turn yellow/brown/black and fall off and dry up. There is red in the stems and leaves curl upwards. Problem appeared when I started flowering. I thought first it was a phosphorus...
  3. P

    Fungus gnat in DWC?

    Noticed last night little gnat like bugs flying out of my res during change. They are 52 days old (13 days into bloom nutes). pH and ppm have been steady throughout grow with res temps ranging in low 70s. Every res change at 7-10 days it gets hydroguard and Z7 with additional boost of Z7 every...
  4. G

    Fungus Gnat Problems

    Or will it inhibit water/nute intake?
  5. J

    Can't Figure Out What's Wrong With Plant

    I have been growing this plant for about 2 weeks and 4 days now and have done all kinds of test on it. i had a fungus gnat problem and it's just now letting up but, my plant is still showing damage. is this fungus gnat damage or root problems? i've tested the PH multiple times so it shouldn't be...
  6. HB Rob

    Daddy long-legs spider to control gnants

    Hey everyone. Where I live gnats have always been a problem in my soil grows. They are attracted to the ample moisture in soil after a fresh watering and will then burrow and lay eggs. Hanging pest strips works well, but being a poor college student I've discovered another FREE method that...
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