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    Pick up this in hopes to get rid of the gnats I’m dealing with as well Will Allow my coco to dry out a bit more .
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    Bomb seed tent 4x4x6.5 Includes: 2 x thc bomb and 2x widow bomb been battling pest thirps or gnats since the get go . Limited amount of them but still enough to be present and make a pest of themselves see what I did there lol
  3. H

    Question about pesky fungus gnats

    So I'm about to restart my grow cycle. Last cycle we had a fungus gnat problem, hoping to avoid that this time around. Local grow store suggested the following tip for dealing with larvae in mature plants. He said this: "Increase o2 levels from 1.5mL per 4litres to 5mL per 1 litre." I'm...
  4. Q

    Need help

    Bottom leaves yellowing and dying could this be caused by fungus gnats
  5. nobodyhere

    Did I FIM correctly?

    before after plant 1 after plant 2 also noticed a couple gnats...is mosquito bits safe?
  6. J

    Newbie CFL grow week 3 - Transferring/repotting today - Need help please

    I've seen a few fungus gnats around the past few days so i know their larvae is in the soil and as you can see most of my gals at least the best few stretched a lil too much(btw i have 3 more that arent in the pic) so i been anxious to re-pot before i even seen gnats, but im finally going to get...
  7. J

    Week 3 from seed - New leaves on particular plant came in scrunched & look like tips

    Hey guys... Im on week 3 and all 12 of my seedlings are doing ok besides some of them stretching . But anyway can anyone tell me why these leaves are scrunched up like that and the tip looks burnt on the leaf closest? I do have a fan on my plants, im using cfls and they are close but cant...
  8. G

    Fungus Gnat Problems

    Or will it inhibit water/nute intake?
  9. C

    Soil indoors problem - Help request

    Hi guys, This is my first post but have been lurking and reading the forums for a long time now. Recently i came across a problem that so far have been unable to identify. All started well, 4 seeds germinated and plants grew with no problem, looked bushy and short internodal space. Wanted...
  10. K

    Am I ready for harvest?

    Hey was wondering if anyone could tell me if im ready for harvest from my photos. Also if I am, I haven't flushed yet? does this matter? I don't really wanna soak my plant as currently have fungus gnats and worried about creating more moisute! Any help would be appreciated.
  11. N

    I feel like a failure

    i feel like everything i do is wrong... too hot too little humidity wind burn gnats whats next i feel like i should just give up trying... ugh:17::17::surrender:
  12. Vestrimatrik

    Can you get fungus gnats in DWC?

    I was preparing for my flush and decided I would run copious amounts of water through my roots just to be thorough... These tiny little specs started apearing by the thousands after filling and agitating the roots with water. Most of them are brown some are black and move and I also had what...
  13. A

    Please help - What to do?

    SO after 2-3 weeks after a night i look at my plants and looked like this: i gave them some pesticide against fungus gnats cause i saw some little flies and i thought it could be fungus gnats but after one night it was worser. i cut the bad leafs which were down and with a dark green and were...
  14. S

    Fungus Gnats, Neem Meal and Beneficial Fungi

    I am growin in LOS and have a pretty huge gnat infestation. Ive let it dry right out a few times and re inoculated with mycorrhizae, put a inch thick layer of sand on top and also top dressed with diatomaceous earth but they just keep coming back. Ive heard a lot of people adding neem meal to...
  15. mokel

    Fungus Gnats - A danger for Hydro?

    Heya, had some Fungus Gnats (hadn't known their english name until 5 minutes ago) for several month on my average pot plants, they're starting to loose the war, as their numbers are dwindling but the fight is still on. Now I've encountered a single, winged gnat inside my grow tent (i presume...
  16. B

    Fruit Flys / Gnats?

    High all. I've had my grow going for several weeks now and a week or so ago I noticed what are very, very, tiny winged critters... if I had to identify them, I'd say they were either fruit flys or gnats but that would be my best guess. They do not appear to be bothering my plants at all but a...
  17. B

    Strange bugs have hatched - Strange because they don't seem to like living

    About 30 days into veg, I noticed all these dead little bugs around a 400 watt metal halide light, that has the hood sideways for side lighting. It's not hung normally, but just sitting there as cfl's give top lighting. I point this light at white widow and cali connections 22 to give them a...
  18. HB Rob

    Daddy long-legs spider to control gnants

    Hey everyone. Where I live gnats have always been a problem in my soil grows. They are attracted to the ample moisture in soil after a fresh watering and will then burrow and lay eggs. Hanging pest strips works well, but being a poor college student I've discovered another FREE method that...
  19. InhaledFreq

    InhaledFreq 1st actual grow closet cfl poor man's - month 4 of flowering to harvest

    This is my very first grow This grow was started mid August, 2008 and harvested at the end of November, 2008. Here's the info... What strain is it? Unknown bagseed. A good, potent commercial strain, no doubt. Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid % unknown, I might...
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