god bud

  1. J

    Yo yo yo, auto Northern Light, small buds? Long left?

    Hi guys and gals, this is my first grow in a very very long time and just need some re-assurance. its 8 weeks and 5 days old. I feel like the buds are not filling out and just wanted to opinions from the knowledgeable peeps on here. how long do you estimate is left? are the buds actually...
  2. Bagseed God bud

    Bagseed God bud

    I believe this is god bud
  3. ALB3RT

    Alb3rt‘s Outdoor & Indoor Journal

    Here i got some babies under 125w CFL 6400K 14.08.2019 Cobra Lips - Bodhi Genetics: Chem 3 x Appalachia 14.08.2019 BC God Bud - BC Bud Depot Seeds Genetics: God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk 24.08.2019 BC The Purps - BC Bud Depot Seeds Genetics: Mendo Purps IBL Photos taken 31.08
  4. Optimus913

    BCBD Tuna God: Freebies

    Just put 3 in peat pellets.
  5. cirric007

    90 & 365 Degree Sweet Leaf Growth Lemon Kush & C99: C99 Used CO2 Shroom Bags!

    Probably .! Worlds .. BEST !! Green ,,. Thumb! Smoked 365 Degree leaf of C99! !DUH!!! OPPSs.s! !! !
  6. honkonitpopo

    LED 100W Bagseed Grow!

    Hey everyone, long time grower, first time journal. I am using 100w of cob led, and have a total of 10 plants so far. My grow container is an ex-water softener barrel that has been through one grow already, but this is the first time with just led's. I have one 50w cob led in a cool spectrum...
  7. Rayzin

    New From Portland Oregun

    Hi All, This is Rayzin. I've just joined and thought I'd describe my situation. As a US Navy Veteran, I took advantage of their medical services to have an ostomy reversed since I didn't have any medical benefits at all. Had operation, caught their infection which led to massive hernia...
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