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  1. G

    New grow from unexpected plants in backyard

    Hi Guys, I am a first time grower and long story short, these have been growing in my backyard for a few months now. Just after some general comments and thoughts about how they are going and what stage you think they're at.
  2. P

    Help not sure what as wrong with my crop

    Hey guys really need some help into what's going on with my outdoor plant, Im pretty sure I have a thripe problem but I've sparred it an next day it looks mighty worse anyone please give me ideas or a solution to it whata going on with it, 2 weeks ago it was going amazing heaps of growth no...
  3. B

    My growtent setup

    Hi guys! This is my first post I hope to get some help from you guys. It is my third grow, but first time with bigger tent and scrog. My setup is: Tent: 8x8 ft (2,4m x 2,4m x 2m) Lights: 4x600W HPS (MH for veg) Grow medium: coco coir Pots: smart pots 5gallons Nutes: canna coco a+b...
  4. B

    B0rk Goes RDWC - 3 Strains 550W LED Indoor

    Time for some RDWC! well.. not quite yet, but this week! I was hoping to set up the system today, but the space I use for my grow tent is being used by some HVAC work.. so I'll have to wait. I tried to use buckets.. But the center bucket kept leaking, I replaced it, and still...
  5. Spec420

    Growing Shed - Planning Stages - Looking For Advice

    Hello my 420Magazine friends! So legal growing, yeah this is new to me. I grew outdoor in NorCal for many, many years and now am changing up to indoor. I have a couple of tents in my garage going now if you want to check my journal in my sig and am learning a lot about indoor growing...
  6. C

    Was newbie

    Hi my name is John. I'm a Scorpio. I like Italian restaurants, long walks on the Beach, hot air balloon rides and football games. Currently looking for cute girl about 5'3", a hundred and 15 pounds, blond hair brown eyes. Maybe has a history of being in gymnastics. To go to football...
  7. F

    High and low pH and ppm

    What causes a big fluctuations in ph in a soil grow when u follow manufactures mix details. I would also like to know what a ppm should be going into a soil grow and a exit ppm. Thanks in advance for your replys
  8. N

    Tacoing what to do

    Morning, plants were doing fine transferred from 1gal pots to 5 gal bags, new coco with some perlite and placed under sunsystem LEC 315 plants are Tacoing..any suggestions would be well appreciated White widow 4 weeks into veg 1st week into 5 gal bags with CoCo with 315LEC 24 inches above plant...
  9. Ron Strider

    What Colorado Has Learned Since Legalizing Marijuana

    Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has some advice for California after recreational marijuana became legal in the Golden State. He told Cheddar that his state faced issues with packaging and making sure children did not have access to marijuana. "The things we had challenges with were...
  10. Stunned

    Plant logistics

    Hey! I hope all had a great Christmas and have a great New Year RoorRip I have my first grow going that's at about the 30 day mark. I thought of doing a journal but by the time I joined up, my babies were already way out of the soil. I thought, ok, next time. I'm growing in coco, 4 gallon...
  11. Ron Strider

    County Leaders Grapple With Tax Structure, Analyst Warns Against Visions Of Grandeur

    California's new gold rush could be green, and government leaders are grappling with how to cash in once they know if -- and where -- new cannabis ventures will be allowed. Statewide, more than $1 billion could be collected from pot sales and other activity within the next several years...
  12. B

    Greetings From Vermont!

    Hey Everyone! I’m a staffer at Heady Vermont, a cannabis news and advocacy group. Given that Vermont is going to take up legalization again this coming session, 2018 should prove very interesting! Feel free to shoot me any questions you might have about what’s going on in the very Green...
  13. T

    Lighting Cycle

    Not sure if I'm in the right section, but I'll cross my finger's ! Had an issue with a 24 hr power outage.... Doing a pure Hydro Grow and lost an entire 12 Flower day to this... Is it going to truly screw up my finished product ? I have about 20 day's left on 2 strain's White Widow and...
  14. T

    3x3 tent - What final pot size?

    Hey guys, been a long time lurker. Now Ive finally got my first indoor grow going (about 3rd altogether) and looking forward to sharing info with eachother. So I have a 3X3 (to be exact 3'3"x3'3") grow tent with 400W (wall watts) of Vero 29 led's and ill supplement lighting at the bottoms of...
  15. M

    First time grower here with a question

    So I'm starting with a simple setup 3 plants 600 watt light and a grow tent that is like 4x3x4 anyway my main questions are #1 - what sized pots should I use #2- and after germination whats the best type of soil to use. btw I am going to be growing Candy Cane if that matters. I'm pretty excited...
  16. Ron Strider

    FL: First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Lee County

    People from all over the state lined up for hours to be part of the grand opening of Lee County's first medical marijuana dispensary. Tuesday morning, Trulieve, a medical marijuana treatment center, opened a location in North Fort Myers. The store is the company's 12th location. "It's...
  17. E

    Help me! What's going on here?

    Can anyone help me with what’s going on here? This issue just keeps getting worse, can’t seem to fix it
  18. A

    First Grow: Don't Know What's Going On!

    Hi its my first time growing indoors. Im using coco and everything was doing alright besides a little slow growth. I have 4 clones and 4 seedlings. They all have some burnt tips here and there but most of the problem is coming from the seedlings, one has a leaf tip curled down. 2 have reddish...
  19. Ron Strider

    Men Bombard Pennsylvania Gynecologist For Medical Marijuana

    A Pennsylvania gynecologist says she has been inundated with calls from men trying to set up appointments after hearing she was permitted to prescribe medical marijuana. Dr. Liang Bartkowiak tells the Altoona Mirror she was mentioned in the media as being eligible to certify medical...
  20. Ron Strider

    MA: Cannabis Commission Set To Hire Director

    The chief medical marijuana regulator from Rhode Island, the head of a Massachusetts child advocacy organization and the Treasury's point person on pot met with the Cannabis Control Commission on Tuesday afternoon, each for an hour-long interview for the job of executive director. The...
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