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  1. Pollen collected

    Pollen collected

    Gold rush :)
  2. Zafu

    Swazi Gold - Anyone here harvest, cure this?

    I'm looking at World of Seeds Swazi Gold as one of the 5 varieties for my next outdoor grow and haven't found much info. on here when I search. Any of you have direct experience with this lady? Just wondering if she is as good as some reports I've read. Thank you. Zafu
  3. Ron Strider

    Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. Eliminates All Outstanding Debt

    ROCKLEDGE, Fla., Dec. 06, 2017 - Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink:KGKG), a hemp lifestyle brand of exclusivity and status, is pleased to announce that the Company's management team has personally bought out all of the outstanding liabilities on the Company's balance sheet to leave Kona Gold...
  4. Stvzie

    2nd Grow - Acapulco Gold

    Hi fellow growers, Welcome Back, My Friends, to the Show That Never Ends ~ Ladies and Gentlemen (EML). Did the title give away my age? I graduated HS summer of 73 and began smoking herb at some point during the winter of 73/74. The Vietnam war was ending for America, Tricky Dick was on his...
  5. G

    First Grow - Unknown Strain

    Hi, Ive been growing my unknown strain on a 18/6 light cycle for 8 weeks now. Light for Vegetative: 250W+125W CFL + 580W LED bar (Chinese but it seems to be working ok) Light for Bloom; GIB 600 W PURE BLOOM XTREAM OUTPUT W/LUMATEK ballast Tent; 120x120x220cm (4x4x7) Temp during light: 24-26C...
  6. Jackalope

    Skunk #1000 ?

    Recreating a giant. Now days there are lots of reworked skunk #1 strains out there. My thought was to start at the beginning again. The key would be to use the supped up versions of Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Columbian Gold Barneys Farm has a reworked Acapulco Gold that's true to the stain but...
  7. K

    Athletes Who Smoked Marijuana, Won Gold At Olympics Confirm Plant's Medicinal Value

    For a long time, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has taken a firm stance against marijuana use among competitive athletes. The WADA is a foundation initiated by the International Olympic Committee to promote, coordinate and monitor the fight against drugs in sports. Initially, the WADA...
  8. S

    Big Thumbs Up For Kaya Gold

    Kaya Gold by Nirvana. Genetics: The only thing advertised about KG's genetics, is that she is sativa dominant Growth: Outdoor in ground, planting zone 5a Here is a link to my grow journal Kaya Gold & Wonder Woman - Outdoor Northern Climate Cure: 6 days hanging, 23 days jarred Tested with...
  9. S

    First Gold Leaf Grow

    Here's a Gold Leaf plant just getting started. Leaves sure are different than the sativa I'm used to seeing.
  10. K

    OR: Gold Hill Dispensary Is First Recreational Pot Retailer

    Medford, ORE. - A Gold Hill medical marijuana dispensary that was the first legal store of its kind in Jackson County has become the first licensed recreational marijuana retailer in Oregon. Breeze Botanicals opened its doors June 14, 2014, in Gold Hill, followed by another store in Ashland in...
  11. C

    Is this a good setup?

    Hey, guys! Been thinking and researching a ton for the last couple of months and I've come up with a setup plan. I'd just like you guys to check and see if it all looks good. My setup would be: Tent: Homebox Evolution Q60 Light: MarsHydro LED Mars II 400W Nutrients: 120ml Soil A...
  12. D

    Ultimate Gold Ultimate golden shower review?

    I picked up Ultimate Gold Ultimate golden shower with the intent of using it on a pre employment. I have been looking around to see if there are any reviews to confirm that it will pass but i can't find much of anything. Has anyone every used it?
  13. PurpleGunRack

    Black Gold - Cream Of The Crop

    I recently grew 2 Black Gold from Cream of the Crop and one was slow with thin buds and the other grew at ''normal'' autoflower pace and had nice buds. Both were very bushy and leafy, I removed a lot of leaves from it to expose budsites to light. Black Gold #1 Smell: Earthy 6/10...
  14. Toxic Fluid

    Robert Bergman's Gold Leaf

    After 5 generations of ILGM'S GOLD LEAF clones I am continuously amazed at the quality of the end product. The associated aggro odor during the growing, flowering and consumption is intense. They begin emanating their characteristic odor at 10 days old. I'm not kidding! So far this strain is...
  15. Emilya

    Emmie's Recycled Organic Soil, Acapulco Gold, Retro Grow, 2016

    This grow is for my Dad, who has told us stories of the 70's and the legendary Acapulco Gold of his day. I have promised him for a long time that when I got good enough, I would grow some for him. The time has come my friends, and 2 spots in the flower tent are reserved for this very...
  16. BonzaSeedBank

    Kosher Tangie - Pure Gold - From Bonza Seed Bank

    This is the best Gold I've seen: DNA Genetics 24k Gold (aka Kosher Tangie) Feminised Cannabis Seeds Also, PM me for questions David :Namaste:
  17. lazyfish

    Malawi Gold

    Malawi Gold from Ace seeds; day 40 of flower. Only about 24 inches tall. :Love:
  18. MedicalMonstr

    DNA Golden Berry - Kushberry x Jew Gold Cut - DS60 - Scrog - 400W HPS

    Genetics: Kushberry X Jew Gold Cut Type: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa Flower time: 9 weeks Yield: 450-500 m2 Started life in a grodan cube. Moved her into a basic 5 Gal bubbler setup. GH 4 output pump. Top feed until rooted. Healthy medium speed grower. Day 28 from sprout...
  19. doctor green

    Malawi Gold - Bubbas Gift Fem - Afghani Seed

    Got my seeds today big thanks to Herbie's for their 100% success rate every time I have ordered from them! I have Malawi gold regular , bubbas gift fem, and Afghani reg, I plan to cross Malawi gold with bubbas gift to create what I will be calling gods golden gift . All will be documented...
  20. dc534

    Which strain should I go with? (First-Timer)

    I recently came upon some seeds I have 20 of them, 5 of each strain all are feminized. I plan on only growing 1 plant at a time, this is going to be a stealth grow. This is my first time growing. I am not going to detail my setup in this part of the forum. I will say this its in a garbage bin 44...
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