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golden goat

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    Blueberry, Golden Goat, Qleaner & Blue Dream In Soil PRO MIX Sea Of Green #1

    :welcome: Welcome to my first journal. My setup might be a bit different than most but I find It works. CURRENTLY ADDING TO JOURNAL. My state Alaska - Legal Limit 3 babies and 3 adults per person 21 years of age or older in your home. My limit is 9 and 9. Made from clones bought in a store...
  2. K

    2nd Grow Autos - Photo With LED

    Just started my second grow about two weeks ago Strains and seed company: Pineapple Express Auto (Fast Buds) Crystal Meth Auto (Fast Buds) Skunk #1 Auto (GYO) Golden Goat Photo Seeds from GYOGreen Soil: Happy Frog organic Nutes: Nectar for the Gods Roman Regime 2 Gallon Pots...
  3. COgrower

    Zombie Goat - The Re-Vegging 2015

    After a successful harvest of the Golden Goat, but unsuccessful cloning, has led me to re-vegging her. After I took off the big buds, I left some of the lower buds like what Pigeons420 did when re-vegging his Hog. I put her under 24 hours of light to kick start the vegging process. Once I...
  4. RMWidow

    RMWidow's First Time LST Project

    This is my first attempt at what I understand LST to be Grape Ape 90% Indica - Back Left OG Kush 75% Indica - Back Middle Afgoo 70% Indica - Back Right Golden Goat Sativa Dominant - Front Left Chem Sun Indica Dominant - Front Middle Recon 80% Indica - Front Right Medium - Soil -...
  5. S

    Golden Goat end of week 5 flowering in coco coir

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