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  1. Nicholas Flamel

    Goldmine - Heavyweight Seeds

    I only grew one Goldmine but it was a great plant. Fast growing right out of the gate and was almost double the size of another strain. I topped the plant two times and ended up with 5 main colas. I had no issues, very easy to grow. Smoke report. The buds are fat, dense and frosty, the...
  2. Nicholas Flamel

    The Flower Shower Of Buds - LED - Soil - General Organics

    Hello my fellow bud lovers! The last journal was fun so ill do another. As some of you already know, i have a vivid imagination. I recommend smoking a bowl 5 min prior to viewing this journal to get full effect. Strains in Flower: Goldmine Fem (Heavyweight seeds) day 14 Flower...