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  1. T

    Yellow patched and curling leaves

    Struggling with this grow, it's only my second one and something has gone wrong... Growing some blue cheese in coco, here's some details * Ph 5.8 of water going in and out * 5 plants under 2 x 600watt lights with digital ballasts, vegging was done under magnetic ones * temps 27oc...
  2. J

    Need help with flowering plant

    It's been growing slowly for around 4 1/2 months now it's around 4 1/2ft and has gone through hell with mites however all of them are gone which they came with the soil when the plants were transported to a new pot a few months back. It was doing fine after i got rid of the mites, recently in...
  3. 4

    Started Late Journal

    Hi guys thanks for looking maybe I have gone in to this a little maybe ignorant to how things are done properly, but I'm looking for input/advice from you knowledgeable people 3 time growing, but this is the first time I have ran into problems ( beginners luck maybe) Growing 8 Strain, blues...
  4. steppedinds

    Auto-watering advice

    i'm going out of town in a few weeks for 9 days and am in need of a way to water my plants while i'm gone. they're going through about 4.5 gallons a day atm, so i'm expecting to give them over 30g while i'm gone. anybody have any advice or links for an easy top fed system? doesn't necessarily...
  5. L

    Where has the joint doctor gone?

    Where has he gone? Why are all his seeds sold out from the usual places for months. I was kind of joping hed be beinging something new soon. Only place i seem to see his stuff is branded as seedsman
  6. D


    hi everyone. my name is david and i stumbled across this site looking for another i cant find its been bout a year since i used them now there gone please help the site was 420meds.ca or canadian compassion club one in the same
  7. K

    Newbie with question

    Week 3 of flower I thing it's gone male am I right