1. B

    Black nugs

    Hey, I've been researching all along but I couldn't find any answer. This is my first grow, i'm using a 45w led panel, and I am gonna switch to 100w in a week. I know my plants are small, but this is because I am testing and using a weak light. Could anyone let me know what I am doing wrong with...
  2. vyserage

    Please help me understand this umol's/par

    So from what i have read, the ideal range is 700 umols? Or atleast they can handle up to 1500-2000 but 700 gave prety much the same results and less consumption of energy. So i have 2 of these lights in a 48x48x96 tent, currently hanging 15' above canopy. Am i good? Too intense for that...
  3. bridgeofsighs

    Looking for recommendations

    I'd like to try autos again this summer. I'd prefer a Sativa dominant. What is a good sativa dominant auto strain? The faster finish the better. I've seen good things about Auto Mazar... :Namaste:
  4. C

    Autoflower soil mix from Home Depot

    Basically, I don't have many options here for good soil. I would love to have Ocean Forest but the cost/time to deliver to my area is prohibitive. What they have at Home Depot or local compost is pretty much the extent of my access to soil materials. Is there is a soil mix that they sell...
  5. spleef farmer

    Auto flowering grow

    Been growing Autos for a little over a year. So far so good. The medium is Soil (Happy Frog organic) and Fox Farm Grow Big for Veg and Big Bloom for flowers plus Cal Mag. Trying to bulk up yield and density of Buds. Autos start flowers inabout a month, very short veg. Being a non photoperiod...
  6. flashmp3

    Blue Dream x Tutankhamon x Green Crack

    Hi all, First of all I want to thank this forum for the amazing amount of knowledge I have been able to build since last July . This allowed me to make a successful first grow. It was a good opportunity to experience things and learn so much I ll try not talk to much so let s jump to the...
  7. P

    Hello from Israel

    Hi to all my name is Paul, I am from Israel. A good friend has ovarian cancer stage 3c and I recently heard about RSO, and thus arrived at this amazing website. It is my intention to start preparing the cannabis oil for her. I would be glad to hear from anyone who has been cured by this...
  8. T

    A superior house plant

    So I am wondering. I will eventually get into growing my own, but without any experience whatsoever, is there a good seed or one that's easier to grow than others for a newby like me? I would just like to have it in with my other house plants if possible without making it its own little...
  9. P

    Bee pollen as nutrient

    Hello! I was wondering if be pollen would be good as a nutrient?
  10. W

    Long Time Lurker

    Had been following 420magazine for good amount of time.Finally registered today.:Namaste:
  11. M

    Abandoned Phototron 2 Space Capsule: My Magical Grow Journey

    Long time smoker here (if 10 years can be considered long lol) but new to the growing scene! I've been browsing and searching these forums for the past month now so I figured it necessary to finally say hello! Lol. I acquired a Phototron 2 for super cheap (a gram cheap) and started my research...
  12. Ron Strider

    New Zealand: Joseph Parker's Co-Promoter Bob Arum - Cannabis Is Good For You

    Joseph Parker's co-promoter Bob Arum has credited cannabis for his longevity as he gets set for his 86th birthday and 50 years in the boxing game. The affable American fronts promotional giant Top Rank and has worked with the sport's biggest names from Muhammad Ali to Manny Pacquiao. Arum...
  13. cannilingus

    White Rhino pheno

    Nirvana fem. This one went purp on me. lol. cant tell you how good it is. havent smoked in 18 months or so. One of my last plants, ill grow. wanted to share this preety girl, with you all. Not sure how much longer i will be around. Lung disease taking over. (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis). I...
  14. N

    New Lighting Help

    Hey, everyone. Right now I'm running a 150w HPS Sunsystem plug-and-play type light in a 2x2x3 grow box I made. I recently bought a 2x2x4 grow tent, should be arriving in a couple of days. I was thinking of upgrading my lights, and the guy at the hydro store said a 600w switchable MH/HPS w/ a...
  15. Jackalope

    The Good Bud Guide by Albie

    I recently found a great book in my collection. Of all the strain books out there it is the only one based on growing. It is mostly hydro info so it kind of got lost. The Good Bud Guide by Albie. It gives info of strain grows from start to finish. Great for hydro growers because they give the...
  16. Southerncough

    Denver Trip recommendations?

    Hey guys, looks like I might be taking a last minute trip out to Denver next weekend and wanted to reach out and see if there are any must see/must do suggestions for the area. Won't have a ton of free time, but hoping to find a great dispensary with good variety and most importantly a...
  17. 0

    LED Distance To Seedlings

    Hi guys! I'm starting my very first grow and pretty excited about it! I've got a ton of good info from these forums but can't find the specific info I'm looking for at the moment so I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm growing 2 CSK white widow auto flowers (they've sprouted and are on their...
  18. D

    New member - Just checking in

    Hey folks. Just had my first grow. A few White Widows in pots outdoors. They finished in 3 gallon size. Made a bunch of mistakes. Started too late for my climate, not enough sun but still got a few ounces dry. And really good. Been evaluating smoke for over 40 years. Looking forward to...
  19. G

    Is this good weed

    Hello I am a newb and was wondering if this is good weed
  20. P

    Want opinions on this light

    I dont know much about COB lighting and I have some questions. Will this light be enough to grow a plant from veg through flower? And is it overpriced? If the light isnt good enough anyone know of another COB under $160 that is good enough for a plant. Max coverage area I am looking for is 2x2...
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