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  1. quinny

    upload pics

    Hows it goin im just wonderin how to upload picture thanks
  2. quinny

    CFL T5 Lightwave

    Hows it goin i recently got my grow tent wit a 300 watt cfl light and ballast i was wondering would adding my t5 lightwave help aswel wit extra light or will it make any difference addin it in the tent
  3. K

    Hi all

    Hi all New to the forum. I've been doing a lot of research while I wait for stuff to arrive in the mail. My google searches keeping hitting this site so I figured I'd start by joining here. Kip
  4. Cannafan

    Stop Google from rejecting Medical Marijuana Ads

    Stop google from rejecting ads for Medical Marijuana. Rechercher . Change.org "Google medical marijuana ads" is listed first. Click on that and sign. They only need 364 more signatures as of today. Thank you!
  5. O

    S.O.S. seedlings bank

    Anyone have any reviews from Southern Oregon Seeds? Looking for a couple autos to throw in with my photos and they popped up on Google search. Anyone have first hand experience they would like to share? Much appreciated!
  6. R

    NY: Company Behind Elmhurst Medical Marijuana Dispensary Takes On Google

    The company that opened the borough's first medical marijuana dispensary, the Queens Patient Center in Elmhurst, in January is battling Google over the corporate giant's refusal to carry its advertisements because it used the words "medical marijuana" or "medical cannabis." Vireo Health of...
  7. R

    The 10 Friendliest States For Marijuana Enthusiasts

    Which are the marijuana-friendliest states in the nation? Where would a pot person want to buy a home and settle down? The online national real estate search site Estately has taken a crack at answering those burning questions. The site's blog's Ultimate Lists cranks out all sorts of creative...
  8. R

    NY Medical Marijuana Company Say Google Is Retaliating By Pulling Ads

    A Fulton County-based medical marijuana manufacturer sees retaliation in Google's decision to reject two of its advertisements just hours after the New York company went public with complaints about the tech giant's policies. Google had previously rejected seven advertisements from Vireo...
  9. R

    Why This Company Says It's 'Evil' For Google To Keep Blocking Medical Marijuana Ads

    Google is blocking medical marijuana advertisements in New York, a practice that hurts patients with serious illnesses who could benefit from the drug, says one of the companies that distributes it. Vireo Health of New York, which is a subsidiary of Minnesota medical marijuana company Vireo...