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  1. Ron Strider

    Browns' Josh Gordon Claims He Made Big Money Selling Marijuana At Baylor

    Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is in the midst of his long-awaited NFL comeback after being suspended 53 games due to several violations of the league's substance abuse policy. He was reinstated by the league last month, practiced with the Browns last week, and coach Hue Jackson said...
  2. Ron Strider

    Marijuana And Crime In The NFL: Time For A Reformation Of Policies

    The NFL’s imbalance of punishment for positive marijuana tests versus other more serious crimes is starting to smell a little funny. Following the denial for reinstatement in the Josh Gordon case, I took it upon myself to look deeper into the well-known troubles within the NFL policies. The...
  3. K

    FL: Medical Marijuana Clinic Opens In Venice

    Venice, Fla. - Medical marijuana is legal in Florida starting today but that doesn't mean it's easily available and not everyone qualifies. The state has 6 months to come up with rules under Amendment 2 and 9 months to implement it. Yet clinics are opening up including one in Venice...
  4. K

    FL: Doctor Prepares To Open Medical Marijuana Clinic

    Sarasota - Dr. Barry Gordon is prepared for a very busy week at his practice. On Tuesday, his doors will open for patients who want to qualify for medical marijuana. After working as an ER doctor in Ohio for 32 years, Gordon retired to Venice. He opened Physicians Advanced Laser Center...
  5. K

    FL: Appointment Registry Booms At Venice Cannabis Clinic

    Venice - It took less than an hour for 50 people to sign up for an appointment with the Compassionate Cannabis Care Clinic of Venice, when its full website went live Thursday afternoon. By 9 a.m. Friday, the clinic had 146 people scheduled for their first appointment, said Patrick DeLuca...
  6. K

    BC: Pot For Pets Is On The Rise For Some Vancouver Dispensaries

    We know pot for humans is popular, but how about for your furry friends? Some Vancouver dispensaries are seeing a boom in sales for this specific purpose. Andrew Gordon with Cannawide Dispensary claims pot can help our four legged fiends with pain, inflammation, stress and even boosts...
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