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gorilla cookies

  1. Cannapot

    Gorilla Glue & Gorilla Cookies Now Available At Cannapot - Plus Discount

    Hello :Namaste: Great news, we have some great new strains available ... we are happy that we can offer GORILLA GLUE female and also the great hybrid called GORILLA COOKIES and a few more nice strains...by breeder Expert Seeds Just check out the links here 1.) GORILLA GLUE 5 female...
  2. BluntMonkey

    Northern California Outdoor Breeding With Gorilla Cookies & Several Strains - Pics

    Greetings, Blunt Monkey here returning with some new genetics from the Jungles of the 707. I’ll be showing you the results of the seeds I’ve created while I’ve been away & the new ones I’ll be manifesting with you guys for the next season. Stick around, I may need your help! 707 Gorilla...