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gorilla glue

  1. Gorilla Glue

    Gorilla Glue

    Fall colors. Genetics by Autoseeds and grown by me
  2. Gorilla Glue Auto

    Gorilla Glue Auto

    Kind of a weird single leaf formation. Beautiful none the less
  3. gorilla-glue-elev8-hanfsamen-marijuanaseeds-pot.jpg


    Gorilla Glue BX by Elev8
  4. First harvested bud...ever!

    First harvested bud...ever!

    Sample bud from my very first grow! Gorilla Glue auto.
  5. S

    First Grow Week 7 Flower! Check it out!

    Hey guys so this is my first grow! Ive dealt with lots of minor problems and some bigger ones along the way. The Nugs aren’t as big as they could be but still have a few weeks left. Right now I am almost done week 7. Monday will be beginning of week 8. They were Vegged for about 3 months and...
  6. Seed project_deep chunk cross_icemud (7).jpg

    Seed project_deep chunk cross_icemud (7).jpg

    Icemud cannabis seed project using 2 male deep chunk aka monkeyballs from hazeman to pollinate deep chunk and a variety of other newer strains indoors in soil under led grow lights.
  7. Ink20a

    Ethos Citral Glue R1 Promix MH/HPS

    Hello 420... So after hearing so much about Ethos genetics and not really too much grow journals out there for this company, I decided to give it a shot and give my feedback on them. Beans dropped in spring water this morning @ 10:14am Will follow up in the afternoon. VEG 600W MH- Phillips...
  8. farside05

    Growing Without Bloom Nutes By Farside05

    Welcome! I plan on keeping this thread an ongoing journal of my grows. In the past I've made a separate journal for every grow and left buts of pieces of information all over the site. Since there isn't a blog feature anymore, I thought I'd make a journal where I can store all my favorite...
  9. Mikesem420

    Closet Grow, DWC

    This is the second part of my first grow was originally gona be just a veg closet but I decide to build a dwc and try out the hlg 100 quantum board. I cut 2 clones from the white shark plants one from plant A and one from plant B they weren't doing so good until I got the clonex solution. I had...
  10. IMG_20180727_054619(1).jpg


    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
  11. IMG_20180805_192833.jpg


    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
  12. 2080807_190222.jpg


    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
  13. choccitydgk

    Gorilla Mist Grow

    What's going on 420 fam. I am finally able to start a journal and be able to post good pic. This particular grow is featuring my Gorilla Mist strain. This strain is a cross of Mobay Kush and Gorilla Snacks. Mobay Kush is a female strain that was grown from a seed found in Jamaica. Gorilla Snacks...
  14. IMG_20180610_120311_240.jpg


    Week 6 Blue Gorilla
  15. odinsmaster

    Odin Grows LSD-25 & Gorilla Glue

    This will be my 5th grow. I will be growing 2 Fast buds Lsd-25 autos, and 2 Fast buds Gorilla Glue. This will be my 3rd grow in this room, the last grow was a disaster so changing a few things on this one. Every grow i have done i have fried the plants pretty good, but still had good outcomes...
  16. Meek246unruly

    Gorilla Glue

    are there any gorilla glue growers out here? which breeders/seed companies. that you worked with before?
  17. Hypopotodog

    2xNL Auto 1xRoyalGorilla 1xRoyalHighnessCBD 2018

    Hello readers welcome to my 1st Journal! I'm a little late to the party (month into veg) so apologies for the lack of content during the seedling stage. Here I have 2 Northern Lights autos growing along side 1 Royal Gorilla and 1 Royal Highness. Before you say anything, I am aware it will be...
  18. snezola

    Snezola’s Aussie Autumn Outdoor Auto 2018 - Green Crack - Gorilla Glue - Chem Bubbly

    Snezola’s Aussie Autumn outdoor auto 2018 (3 different strains) Sour bubbly (or chem bubbly, the site is giving me mixed signals) by a NSW breeder Indica/sativa/ruderalis (doesn’t specify percentages) Start to finish: 9wks Reckons you can get up to 90g yield p/plant outdoor but we’ll see...
  19. MadHatterJack

    MadHatterJack's LED Soil Grow - Gorilla Glue

    Hey Folks, I'm back at it again with another mad scientist (joke at my profession) grow journal. I'm still working on the Durban Kush Journal but thought a new strain calls for another journal. This time however with the infamous Gorilla glue number 4. ( Choosing to ignore the glue company...
  20. Grandpa Tokin

    Grandpa Tokin Grows GG4 & ASD In RDWC With Cree LED

    Hello everyone! This is Grandpa’s grow journal where I plan to share my latest medical grow. I only grow for myself so I keep it small and as simple as I can. I only flower two plants at a time and that keeps me happy. Here’s the information to start. 1. Strains: GG4 and Amherst Sour Diesel...
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