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  1. M

    Desert Rose Grow Labs

    Welcome to my journal. Feel free to comment :) Room One (Fems, Clones, and Keepers): Flower Tent: 4.5x4.5 Grow Tent 800W LED w/ UVB Veg Tent: 3x3 Gorilla Grow Tent Homemade Cobs 300W Output Room Two (Regs and Testers): Flower Tent: 2x4 Mars Hydro Tent Homemade Boards 240W Output Veg Tent: 2x4...
  2. Macdaddy420

    Macdaddy Goes Automatic

    Hey guys and girls at 420 magazine. I picked my up some regular auto flower seeds from a local breeder who I got my feminized photoperiod seeds from as well. Strain: “sweet harambe” Description from breeder of genetics: This was using our highly prized "Gorilla Ryder" male with the Cream Cookies...
  3. Letsgopens66

    12 day old seedling, first time grow!

    The strain is “Gorilla Candy” (Gorilla glue x Papa’s Candy) from Eva Seeds, bought from Seedsman. Using a Viparspectra 1000w, dimmable series running at 60% veg and 30% bloom on 18/6 light schedule. I think she absolutely loves the light as she is praying to it every day! Using FFOF soil with...
  4. Macdaddy420

    Dark Gorilla x Blue Orbit Pheno Hunt

    Hey guys so I’m going to do a pheno hunt. It’s the first time I’m doing this so if you have advice or tips, don’t hold them back! I will be growing regular seeds that I crossed last season. Blue orbit (blueberry x spoetnik #1) X dark gorilla (dark devil x gorilla glue #4). Both stable strains...
  5. Gorilla Glue

    Gorilla Glue

    The one with chubby tiny leaves in bloom.
  6. OrganicMan

    OrganicMan's Gorilla Glue x White Widow, Sour Diesel & More Soil Grow

    Hi to everyone here at:420: This is my first journal since 2016 so I may be a bit rusty but here we go :rollit: Setup: Budbox Pro white 1.5x1.5x1.8 2x Grow Northern Telos 006 LED 240w 1x 150w cmh, white adjustawing reflector, heat spreader, powered by osram ballast for vegging. Swited out for...
  7. 8

    First Time Grow #1 White Widow Feminized

    Location : Alberta, Canada Strain : Crop King Seeds - White Widow - Feminized ( 60% Indica - 40% Sativa ) Set up : Gorilla Grow Tent 4 x 4 w/extension poles ( Inside 9ft x 9ft x 8ft Room ) Lights : California Lightworks Solar System 550 LED ( Used with Solar System Controller ) Exhaust ...
  8. TriangleCheese

    TriangleCheese's Multistrain Perpetual Ride: Actual 450Watts Quantum Boards & 120Watts Vipar R300's Bloom Tent

    Greetings :cough: I have been harvesting perpetually for a while and decided to start a perpetual journal like some of our fellow growers here do. I just harvested my small Blue Cheese plant yesterday. Grow turned out nice. If anybody is interested, you guys can check BC from the link in my...
  9. 61FALCON

    Falcon's Lots Of 1st's Grow Diary

    1st time growing in over 20 years, 1st time in a tent, 1st time using led, 1st DWC, 1st time quad lining. Hi, all thought I would do a journal as I am sure I will need some help. I have already had some help from some members starting quad lining. So this is what I am working with: GARDEN STYLE...
  10. gorilla-glue-elev8-hanfsamen-marijuanaseeds-pot.jpg


    Gorilla Glue BX by Elev8
  11. M

    The curious case of Frank the FrankenPlant

    This is Frank. Frank is bi-rooted. Frank likes to mingle with pretty pink flowers, bugs and enjoys the great outdoors. He's just like any other plant except, of course for his dirty little secret. Franks drinks sewagewater. Ugh... For Frank, life started off as a discarded seed lying next to a...
  12. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Updates 4th May 2018

    Herbies Updates 4th May 2018 Back in Stock – You can see the full listing here Freedom of Seeds Godberry Fems Dr Krippling Chocolate Orange Auto Fems Buddha Assorted Autos TGA Subcool Agent Orange Regs TGA Subcool JillyBean Regs Barneys Laughing Buddha Fems CBD Crew CBD OG Kush Fems Auto Seeds...
  13. Hypopotodog

    2xNL Auto 1xRoyalGorilla 1xRoyalHighnessCBD 2018

    Hello readers welcome to my 1st Journal! I'm a little late to the party (month into veg) so apologies for the lack of content during the seedling stage. Here I have 2 Northern Lights autos growing along side 1 Royal Gorilla and 1 Royal Highness. Before you say anything, I am aware it will be...
  14. Gorilla Seeds

    5% Off Gorilla Seeds For All 420 Magazine Users!

    Good evening fellow 420Mag users :1:! For 5% off Gorilla from today through the month of February, please use the discount code below when ordering on Gorilla: Cannabis Seeds 420MAG5 Have a great weekend :pop2:!!! -G
  15. Gorilla Seeds

    Best Christmas Seed Gift Pack Plus Free Shipping on Gorilla Seeds!

    Visit Gorilla Seeds for the best Christmas Feminised Seed Gift Packs and Deals - Free Shipping limited time only! Cannabis Seeds direct from Gorilla Seeds & click on the Christmas banner from the homepage to find out more about our special freebies Happy Christmas! -Big G
  16. Pinktiger777

    First planned reveg - Have a monster plant - Help

    This is my third grow. I grow indoors in a Gorilla tent. My equipment: Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT22 Tent, 2' x 2.5' x 5'7" 2 of these: VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower VIPARSPECTRA Viagrow Complete 2 ft. x 2 Ft. Ebb & Flow...
  17. P

    Harvest Time?

    I'm fairly new to growing and just wanted to get opinions on how close one of my plants is to harvest. The strain is Gorilla Glue and its on day 46 right now.
  18. Ron Strider

    Gorilla Glue To Weed Grower: Dude, Quit Using Our Name

    Call it "Buddha," "indo,'' "loud,'' - just don't call your weed Gorilla Glue. If you do, you risk a lawsuit from Sharonville-based Gorilla Glue Co., which is suing a Las Vegas-based marijuana grower for trademark infringement. The defendant, GG Strains, produces a highly potent, hybrid...
  19. LiveAndLetGro

    Best/Cheapest Place to Buy Gorilla Grow Tent?

    Hey All! I am looking at buying a 4x4 Gorilla Grow Tent for a flowering tent. I figure I should go ahead and get the nice one (Classic Gorilla Grow Tent) for my flowering tent because I don't want to deal with light leaks or any problems. I will probably get a cheaper one for a veg tent. My...
  20. B

    Barista's Finest First Grow, Gorilla Glue, Auto Pounder, Royal Kush

    Hey poeple! My first attempt at growing, the 3 strains I'll be growing are Royal Kush, Gorilla Glue and Auto Pounder. Ive just picked up the gorilla glue and auto pounder today but the royal kush has been going for around 22 days. My equipment are as follows: 2x4 grow tent 600w HPS 5inch...
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