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  1. Modest Grower

    First Time Fluxing

    Good evening my fellow growers, This is my first thread and I intend to give it my all! I am currently doing a run of 4 autos and am taking the opportunity to flux out a Franco's Lemon Cheese. I am not sold on the strain but it was a freebie and germinated so here we are! My plan is to train...
  2. 50D4D436-A42B-488A-ADC5-C50377950339.jpeg


    The weird white willow?
  3. IMG_5692.JPG


    CBD Euphoria graft to Willow
  4. EBB5A160-9E57-4662-9F40-89374A353026.jpeg


    Graft cbd euphoria
  5. Growingasmile

    Grafting questions

    Has anyone tried to graft cannabis onto a tomato plant then once it takes grafting the same cannabis over the tomato graft? or how about grafting cannabis to a potato? Any kind of grafting stories are interesting share them if you want.
  6. B994E149-A5BD-4F54-B087-7EFF58911C16.jpeg


    The Willow and the Cbd Euphoria clone
  7. Weaselcracker

    Weasel Forges Ahead

    Same old brick wall. Same old head. Get it? I continue to beat my head against the wall in my heroics efforts to forge a bright future in which I learn to grow dope better, for the purpose of entertainment, education, and more dope. This is an ongoing perpetual grow journal and generally...
  8. F


    Gday folks i am wondering if any 1 has experimented with grafting or budding using ruderalis as root stock.Just say i wanted to bud or graft a certain strain onto ruderalis wood my plant take on auto flower characteristics or wood it just grow more vigourously maintaining form of bud or...
  9. snowskate328

    First Attempt At Grafting Marijuana

    :welcome: Everyone and :thanks::420: Like the title says this is my first attempt at grafting! I'm really excited. I decided to pick an Aurora Indica clone and graft it onto a Purple voodoo plant. Both of these are mother plants and I really just wanna test out grafting before I start...
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