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grand daddy purp

  1. L

    Growing Concerns

    Soooo hey guys! I’m new to growing. I mean like brand new. Never planted anything in my life. Lol so I finally thought I give it a try. Here’s my progress so far. I’m two weeks in and I have concerns about the color of my “baby”. She seems a bit light to me. Am I missing something or is she...
  2. GDP 12hours

    GDP 12hours

    GDP in promix and using MC nutes
  3. C

    1st time at home looking for advice and feedback

    What's up y'all? This is my first attempt at home. Been working at industrial grows for about the past year so I know a little bit but nearly enough. I currently have two beautiful girls going in my basement Grand Daddy Purple on the Left (Roberta) and Tangie on the right (Bianca) I've had both...
  4. PurpleGunRack

    The American Dream

    The American Dream New world genetics in the old world Crystal Cookies --- Ken's Grand Daddy Purp --- Green Crack --- Strawberry Banana --- (Mendo Kush x Cookies & Cream) x Do-si-dos Welcome to my new grow 420 friends :Namaste: This is gonna be a fun round growing a nice variety...
  5. WestSideGrow

    Purple larry help! - rust looking color on one leaf

    Hello again 420, I've been away from the site for some time now. I have started a grow ( Grandaddy purp X Larry OG ) Purple Larry. Same as before - fox farms ocean forest medium, 26 watt cfl (for now) Now the grow is going very very well speedy, steady growth. Her stalk is completely...
  6. G

    Real Grand Daddy Purp From Seed

    Hello gang! Since my other grow is hanging out at the moment I figured I would start the next journal. So my last grow was Royal Haze which was Sativa dominant I figured that I wanted to try my Grand Daddy Purp. So here are the specifics: What strain is it? Grand Daddy Purp Is it Indica...
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