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grand daddy purp

  1. PurpleGunRack

    The American Dream

    The American Dream New world genetics in the old world Crystal Cookies --- Ken's Grand Daddy Purp --- Green Crack --- Strawberry Banana --- (Mendo Kush x Cookies & Cream) x Do-si-dos Welcome to my new grow 420 friends :Namaste: This is gonna be a fun round growing a nice variety...
  2. WestSideGrow

    Purple larry help! - rust looking color on one leaf

    Hello again 420, I've been away from the site for some time now. I have started a grow ( Grandaddy purp X Larry OG ) Purple Larry. Same as before - fox farms ocean forest medium, 26 watt cfl (for now) Now the grow is going very very well speedy, steady growth. Her stalk is completely...
  3. G

    Real Grand Daddy Purp From Seed

    Hello gang! Since my other grow is hanging out at the moment I figured I would start the next journal. So my last grow was Royal Haze which was Sativa dominant I figured that I wanted to try my Grand Daddy Purp. So here are the specifics: What strain is it? Grand Daddy Purp Is it Indica...
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