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grand daddy purple

  1. Wake and Bake

    Wake and Bake

    Fog Chaser Coffee, Granddaddy Purple joint, does me right in the morning.
  2. NavNurs

    Pak Chit Kush, Kandy Kush, GDP & Ghost Train Haze 3x3 With 1200W LED In Soil

    Folks, I'm on my 4th grow (at 5 wks Veg) with 4 strains and thought I'd add another journal to this amazing site! I've been watching/learning and hope to avoid some errors of the past (Said by no one else, ever). Grow #1 had a small light = airy buds, #2 overwatered/over fed and #3, I watered...
  3. 20170909_220258.jpg


    GDP Grand Daddy Purple Sprayed with Colloidal Silver showing pollen Sacs
  4. K

    Did I over-trim? Am I going to flower?

    Hello All, Thank you for stopping by. So here is my first 2 clones Gg#4 (Gorrilla Glue#4) and GDP (Grand Daddy Purple), pics of day one and most recent. Did I over trim, Under Trim? How am I doing? Assistance needed please. Floor to light bottom of LED 50" some room to spare to raise MARS...
  5. 2

    Best strain vote

    Here's the Poll Guys and Gals. Jack Herrer Sour diesel Grand daddy purple
  6. jb24420

    DWC-AeroGarden Monster Hybrid MMJ Patient Grow System

    :welcome: This is the culmination of three months of solid research on growing MMJ for a legal project :reading420magazine: After extracting the theories and science developed by professionals and amateurs alike I am ready to RoorRip the whole ball of wax and build it on a micro scale...
  7. chronicflash

    Grand Daddy Purple - Macro

    Love GDP. This medicine i got has def. 2 distinct pheno's, one is the classic GDP citrusy grapey smell, the other is a more deiselish spicy smell. Also some of the buds that had more purple had more of the classic GDP smell.
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