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  1. Rekles

    2011 Rekles - Outdoor Fire OG and GDP!

    Hey People, I used to use this site a few years ago and I find myself back. Too bad I forgot my log in and password. lol Anyways, I finally moved into a house and have a good amount of backyard space to start a grow for the summer. I picked up 2 Clones of FIRE OG and GDP. I think 4...
  2. B

    Granddaddy Purp!

    So I got my GDP from a seed in my bud, decided to plant it and bam.. This is the result. Purely grown on Flourescents because I cant afford HPS.. Miracle Grow Soil self feeding 6 month period. Using Better Gro nutes : big bloom and regular nutes. Somethings up with the bottom leaves I think its...
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