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    Sale: Sour Diesel, Bushmans, Bruce Banner, Forbidden Fruit, Black Friday, Grape APE
  2. Growingbimbos

    Completed Grape Ape Finish Up

    I will be finishing up this journal on here it is a grape ape that was vegged for 7 weeks and she is currently on her 2nd week of flower. Growing in COCO/Perlite 80/20 and being feed advance nutrients line-up. She is in a 2x2 under the mars hydro ts1000 these pics are from 11/11/20
  3. J

    Completed Jaygrow's - Soil - Grape Ape - LED - Toilet Grow

    What strain is it? Grape Ape Indica ~100% as far as I know Flower Week 6 Indoor Soil 60% Fox Farms Ocean Forest 40% Perlite 3 gallon containers 150 w HPS weeks 1-4; Platinum LED P300 weeks 5-6 Temp of Room 75-80 degrees stable 40% humidity Any Pests ? Had Thrips week 2 of flower...
  4. RMWidow

    Abandoned RMWidow's First Time LST Project

    This is my first attempt at what I understand LST to be Grape Ape 90% Indica - Back Left OG Kush 75% Indica - Back Middle Afgoo 70% Indica - Back Right Golden Goat Sativa Dominant - Front Left Chem Sun Indica Dominant - Front Middle Recon 80% Indica - Front Right Medium - Soil -...
  5. painkills2

    Grape Ape from R. Greenleaf

    R. Greenleaf (Albuquerque) Grape Ape - Indica 18.711% THC; 0% CBD (per website) $12.50/gram Grape Ape is a strong, sweet-smelling diesel, medium amount of resin, no seeds, and more than the usual amount of sticks/stems. Smooth taste, with grape-flavored undertones. The initial effect...
  6. D

    Abandoned TNS - First Indoor Grow - 2013

    DAY 1 The wife and I setup the tent last night, and went and got some babies today!! We're shooting for as close to 100% Organic as possible w/ an indoor setup. We're no strangers to gardening as a whole. The last location in which we resided, we decided to convert 3/4 of the backyard into an...
  7. C

    Abandoned Greenhouse Grow - Hollywood - Grape Ape - Purple Train Wreck

    Hello, I'm growing out 12 plants in a greenhouse this year. 8 are a strain called Hollywood, the dispensary I got them from swore they were amazing outdoors, 4 grape apes, and 1 purple train wreck. I got a late start this year, so the plants I purchased had been vegged for around 3 weeks...
  8. X

    Completed The Frugal Growmet cherry poppin grow

    Hello fellow friends of raising Mary Jane. This is my first shot at growing indoors. Background: I started last year by planting a seed I found in a bag outside in my vegetable garden. She grew like a monster. After she hit 3 feet tall I bent the stock so it grew sideways and every branch...
  9. seedling


    RoorRipI'd like to introduce myself to you all so you know I exist and am not just some weirdo hangin out stalking the threads :nomo: I'm a Proposition 215 patient from southern CALI since 2007 but only recently decided I would get a clone, well, several months ago. I'm "seedling" as my name...
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