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  1. L

    Organic 12/12 Light Schedule Indoor Experiment

    Watsup 420 world, I decided to do a journal on this experiment and I will have another following on my Auto's towards the end of the week. These plants life time in this box will be short lived as my Auto's will fill it up and they will be moved to a new home. All my grows are strictly Organic...
  2. C

    Big outdoor

    Grape ape outdoor organic
  3. D

    Dirt's Attempt To Flux Mighty Grape

    Hello everyone and welcome to my attempt at fluxing. Strain - Fos Mighty Grape Genetics - Dynamite x Grapefruit Indica or sativa - 100% Indica Veg - 12 days old Soil - my recycled reamended mix Lighting - veg tent 2x 250w CFL flower tent 400whps Container size - currently in a 1 gal...
  4. StupidNoob

    Cali Connection - Grape OG - 1000W HPS

    What's going on 420 mag? New to the forum, but I've got a few grows under my belt. Here's what I currently have going on: 1x Grape OG (took 4 clones on 5/3) [Grape Romulan x Tahoe OG] :thumb: I won this pack of seeds from Gorilla a while back & from the lineage, it can't be that bad of a...
  5. K

    New grower

    Just started to flower plants are about 24 inches tall.. will I run out of room in an 8 foot room? Strains are grape ape and cinex... also should plants be sprayed with water during flower?
  6. P

    Paul's Purple Fire

    Strain Name: Purple Fire From: New420Guy When: Jan 2011 Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid Price: $95/quarter oz Looks: Incredible purple and red colors covered with crystals! Smell: Not a strong aroma but a spicey kind of purple bud scent. Taste: Smooth typical "purple" taste...
  7. P

    Original Grape 48

    When I walked into my living room, I was almost knocked over by that delicious grape smell and I knew there must be a huge bag of buds sitting open, but when I looked around, I only saw this tiny little bag that my daughter was enjoying a morning bake from. Wow, that aroma is powerful, and it...
  8. P

    New420Guy's Original Grape 48 & Pauls Purple Fire Grow 2016

    This will document my first indoor grow of my two first top shelf strains, which have both been popular in northern California for 4 years. This is my second attempt at doing a grow journal, obviously my first journal, but hopefully you will see why these two strains are being grown by many of...
  9. M

    GDP, Grape Ape & Purple Urkle

    Question for the growers of these strains: are they really cuts from the same original GDP? Or different? I have read that these are basically the same clones/strains: Granddaddy Purple, Purple Urkle/Erkel, Grape Ape, and Granddaddy Grape Ape. At least Kind Green Buds says that. Others say that...
  10. Love1Fear

    Ever Use Botanicare Sweet Grape/Berry/Citrus/Carbo Raw

    Im wondering if anyone can give any input on how/what this stuff does. Kinda curious since it has no N-P-K 0-0-0, and why does the Citrus variety have a lot more cool stuff in the ingredients?
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