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    6 Plant 2 x1000W HPS Umbrella Hoods

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    Week 5: Miracle Gro

    White Runtz & Do-Si-Dos beginning week 5 of flower. Growing in Miracle Gro moisture control potting soil.
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    Grass Seed For Cover?

    Growing in 5 gal pails...was thinking of planting grass seed on top for extra stealth as the dirt is the only visable aspect of my grow... I cannot find a thing with Google whether this is a bad idea or not...I can't imagine there would be an issue but my grow is full steam ahead, and don't want...
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    Essential oil & cannabis

    So my fines are getting really into essential oils and they know I grow hydroponically (other plants) and sent me a few articles concerning lavender and lemon grass essential oil. The Levander seem to be more like a all-purpose fertilizer And was mixed into soil (3 drops per plant) and the...
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