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  2. I

    Great White Fertilizer! Epic Stuff, Day 15 White Walker Kush & Skunk#1

    Hey Everybody! Nice to be in a group of fellow growers, I wanted to give a special thanks to GREAT WHITE fertilizer! Holy smokes yall, this stuff is incredible in my opinion. The roots on my big White Walker Kush is coming out of the bottom already! There was a root sticking into the bottom...
  3. E

    Like A Virgin: Except Not So Much

    Good day ladies and gents, Join me as I embark on a new and focused grow project! I have a fair handful of outdoor grows under my belt as well as a solid year of perpetual indoor using LED. Unfortunately for the last few years I have not had the opportunity to have my own garden. This...
  4. GrowGrowGrow

    Great White wtf

    I've been using Great White for a few months now and I can honestly say that I hate this product. As soon as I mix a scoop with my water, it all just falls to the bottom of my res. I try stirring it up and it just falls back to the bottom. It literally will not mix with water (at least for...
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