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    Hello from 9Dragons

    hi people, just a quick hello. got a great website here! have a great day
  2. Blazinjones

    Blaze's Sponsored Grow, CannaPot, Strain Michka, 2017

    Ok guys this is a sponsored journal by Canna Pot for the strain Michka. I just wanted to start this journal off by saying thanx to Canna Pot for offering me this chance. They have great customer service and some great strains to offer so if u wana get some good quality genetics they are a great...
  3. L

    Home-grown blend

    Great harvest. Crossed Big Bud and Kush.
  4. W

    Ammonia Scent In Live Plant

    1st, I apologize: I'm sure this has been covered elsewhere, but I'm striking out on search. 1st time grower of a single plant, "Precious". She's looking great and I'm hoping to stave off the frost and harvest in a couple / few weeks. (Growing on my deck in southern Vermont.) My problem...
  5. S


    hello everyone, great site and great info.
  6. R

    Stealth Autoflower

    This is my auto girl started on the 16th so I'm a little late uploading my journal everything is going great I'm using a stealth box with a 150w led 1 exhaust fan I'm about to add another fan, carbon filter does not work that good as the small is horrible but she's looking great I'm using fox...
  7. Old Hippy 127

    Greetings from an Old Hippy

    Hello, I'm back! I haven't posted here for two years since I completed my first Grow. I was a complete novice and had no idea what I was doing. Fortunately I got some great advice here that Helped me end up with approximately 11 ounces of great bud from six plants. I had some troubles, but...
  8. A

    Need help quick

    First time grower here... I germinized my 3 seeds, auto flower dwarf they popped great and sprouted. Then I planted in small cups, everything is going great. About a day after I switched from regular daylight to my hydroponic tent with a 450w vipraspectra light and a fan. I did that before I...
  9. S

    Dwarf Low Flyer Review

    Strain Name - Dwarf Low Flyer (feminized dwarf autoflower) From - Crop King Seeds When - March 2017 Price - Five seeds for $55 (they sent seven) Type - 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis; Genetics: Early Girl X Low Rider X Ruderalis Appearance - The plant itself is small! (It is a dwarf.)...
  10. Ron Strider

    10 Types Of Marijuana That Will Make The Fireworks Even Better

    If you've already stocked up on fireworks, beer and food for your 4th of July bash then make sure to remember about marijuana, also known as the perfect fireworks companion. Trust us, your Independence Day will be so much better. Know that there are multiple ways to consume marijuana: you can...
  11. Mike Oxbigg

    First Try With Autos & LED's

    Hi y'all.. been lurking around for a lil bit, and I got to say I've been getting alot of great info here. I decided to start growing my own medicine since the local dispensary has let me down with their quality and the prices.. I'd be just as well off finding some shitbag selling on the...
  12. C

    Introducing Myself

    I have been an avid smoker since i was 13 i am now 55 and have an interest in growing.I bought some skunk feminized seeds and all came up great,well 48 of 50 but most died after about 3 days any help would be appreciated.
  13. D

    DIY Humidifier For Tent

    Was searching around YouTube for a DIY solution for humidifying the tent as humidity levels have gotten down to 30% in my tent. Haven't had to Dehumidify where I live, but dry air can be an issue. There were lots of complicated ways of doing it, and some simple ways, like draping a wet towel...
  14. A

    RDWC Kurple Fantasy Emperial Genetics 600W Grow

    Recently finished my first soil grow with Dr. Blaze jack herer, and Emperial Genetics kurple fantasy. Both turned out great to be great smoke for my first time around. Starting my second grow now with the kurple fantasy, i decided to upgrade. I made a 6 site RDWC d.i.y undercurrent system. Only...
  15. M

    Bugs? Help on diagnosis please!

    Hey! I've been getting some great info from another member as far as my plants go, but I just found some small bugs on my leaves, can't quite determine what they are, so if anyone has any info on what thy are that would be great! So I can figure out how to deal with them, small, brownish worm...
  16. Sativasavvy

    New to growing and excited to get great advice and ideas!

    Eager! I am growing 7 different strains on my first outdoor grow in a 6*8*6.4 greenhouse. I am licensed and very thankful for this opportunity to be highly involved in my OWN medicine. I am growing Golden Nugget, Green Crack, Strawberry Cough, Holy Grail Kush, Gorilla Glue #4 , Pineapple Kush...
  17. C

    Loving Nirvana's Raspberry Cough

    nirvana raspberry cough is becoming a favorite strain she grows beautifully under led just the perfect amount of stretch has a nice earthy taste with hints of berry and is a great med for relaxing and curbing anxiety problems yet uplifting and happy
  18. BudSmoker

    Hey hey

    Hey everyone! im still here! I have been browsing around, just not posting! I hope everyone has a great week!! Smoke up!!
  19. I

    Gaijin Ganja - Ever Heard of It?

    I found a strain of marijuana offered through BC Seeds that was developed in the mountains of Japan that is a pure Indica (100%)...They claim the THC level is 34%!! There is a great description of the buzz you get on their website. I am wondering if anyone has ever tried it, and more...
  20. L

    Hi from Quebec!

    A warm Hi from Quebec in the snowy day! Have a great day everyone!
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