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  1. K

    Great site - Smart members

    Really stoked to kick it in the community- I've been reading posts from members for a long time- and there are so many times I've wanted to say "great work" or "solid advice" or share some experience I had on the same level- and uh, I guess that's why people sign up eh? LOL- anyhowwwww KRED...
  2. K

    MA: Great Barrington Board Approves Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    The Great Barrington Select Board has given the thumbs up to a medical marijuana dispensary in town. The board this week unanimously voted in favor of plans from Theory Wellness Inc. to build and open a medical marijuana dispensary on Stockbridge Rd. Select Chair Sean Stanton says town voters...
  3. M

    2nd Another By Mooshu - RDWC

    :welcome:So I began another grow (rdwc) to keep on keepin on as the other is in bloo. this'll be fun as they are totally different strains an I love to see how they turn out. any who heres what ive got. in the veg I have a 40 gal. reservoir and 5 gal buckets. in the flower I have a 70...
  4. K

    MA: Medical Marijuana Facility Clears Initial Great Barrington Hurdle

    Great Barrington - Officials have signed off on a proposal to construct a medical marijuana dispensary north of town. With little discussion, the Select Board on Monday night voted unanimously to send a letter of non-opposition to the state Department of Public Health to allow construction of...
  5. K

    CA: 'The Great Cannabis Debate' Set In Calaveras County

    An event deemed "The Great Calaveras Cannabis Debate" will take place at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Murphys Suites Hotel. Hosted by the Calaveras County Democratic Central Committee during its monthly meeting, the debate will feature three speakers. Former Calaveras County Supervisor Merita...
  6. H

    Help please

    I done the flip 3 weeks ago...didn't realize before I fixed a tiny bit of light coming through the cool tube exhaust...2 plants on rear side budding great the 2 exposed to light are still stretching few white hairs but nothing else...what can I do?
  7. BonzaSeedBank

    Come Get Some Freebies @ Bonza

    FREE cannabis seeds - See the latest Bonza Seedbank promotions here Have a great weekend everyone!
  8. BonzaSeedBank

    Bonza Fathers Day

    Come and check out some strains you can get Dad for Fathers Day. What a great gift to give! :thumb: Cannabis Seeds from Bonza Seedbank
  9. R

    Hello I'm new and looking forward to talking to everyone

    Hello all, its great to be hear i have just started my adventure into growing and i'm looking forward to it..I live in Oregon and love it here and just became medical. matter of fact im still waiting on my card to get here in the mail....taking forever.... lol. anyways im trying to grow in pots...
  10. 4Dutchess

    pHing my water?

    Im trying to be more serious about this grow and Ive never PHd my water to see where im at. To me the water is good, to me great results as is. Should I buy a PH kit and check?? or no need??? Jesse
  11. S

    White Widow

    Ok so It has been a few months sense my White Widow from Crop King Seeds grow. I wanted to post a review on a few things like quality quantity and ease of growth. So first we will start with the Quality, I had 4 ladies 3 were really close to the same pheno and 1 was pretty different. The 3 that...
  12. A

    Early flowering and already some brown hairs - Auto Great White Sharks by Seedsman

    Hi to you all lovley people. My great white has started to flower only after 60 days and now in day 19 of flowering.my question is- is it normal for the white hairs to be turning brown so early? Some days were hot here in the middle east but maby its just due to the late start of flowering...
  13. weedman79

    Gorilla Seeds - Read

    Hello Iam weedman79, I made my first order with the Gorilla . I would like to thank there whole staff for such great service. I only have great things to say about this team. My order was at my door in 7 days from dispatch from there store..They responded to all emails.. P.s you can track your...
  14. K

    My attempt for a small greenhouse starting clones and first potting

    Hi just a quick note...i tried a clear 1 litre bottle of pop cut the top off...turned it upside down to act as a dome.....used a paper hole punch punched a few holes around the bottom perimeter and punched a hole in one corner of the top...(which was the bottom of the bottle to act as air vents)...
  15. H

    Hi diddly ho neighbors!

    I came across this sight after a decade long break. I had a couple of grows journaled back on overgrow.com before the meteor strike (yes, I'm that old). Great looking site, good vibe, active base, great mods, one stop. And...I've started a grow journal to document an outdoor grow this year...
  16. A

    Outdoor First Autos Grow

    Hi to you all in lovely 420 magazine ! :Love: Been here for a while reading alot of great information and decided to share my grow with you basicly to hear some thoughts and advices. So, strains are Auto Great White by SeedsMan and Auto purple sirius kush by FlashSeeds. I started this two a bit...
  17. M

    Newbie says Hello

    Just introducing myself, from very southern Ontario, Canada. First time grower, very occasional smoker, more for my husband ;) so any tips is appreciated, but will be going thru all the threads for some great info! Looks like a great group! Happy 4/20! Life is to short to have clean fingernails...
  18. Cdogg

    Help I Messed Up - Week 5 Flower

    I'm currently running a 600w hps Scrog I added a CFL to my grow a few weeks back to get more light to restricted bud sites ...the hps is on timer 12/12 but the CFL I do manually, I bloody forgot to turn it off and it was on nearly 48 hours straight !! Are my plants going to be ruined ?!! There...
  19. F

    Help! Only 3 weeks into flowering - Getting too tall - You all gave me too good help

    I am in week 3 of Flowering and have made many changes thanks to some of the great 420 Members. Because I was given such great advice, the changes have made my ladies grow quickly in the last few weeks. My plants will soon be touching my 600 watt bulb and I do not know what to do as it is...
  20. J

    Some symptoms I need help with diagnosing - Young veg

    Ok I got two plants in young veg. An OG kush and a Great White Shark. Both are showing kind of the same symptoms, lower leaves and middle leaves yellowing/rusting and the edges curling right down. The top leaves look fine until a new nice set comes in then the lower one starts doing this. I...
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