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  1. Toxic Fluid

    Hi gang - I'm new but old

    That hook deserves further explanation. I'm new here but I have existed for 70+ years. I have had some great luck with some seeds I purchased from one of those European seed banks. I took a chance on ILGM. I have had great satisfaction in dealing with them. Your experience with them should...
  2. 11Finger

    Happy to find 420 online

    i just started smoking again after many years...wow! the potency & and the prices. things have really changed lol i'm going to try and grow my own after all these years with the great info here i should be fine ty in advance :thanks:
  3. otkkane

    Thank you Crop King

    I hope that your great Customer Service never changes.
  4. buddha buds

    Nute burn or deficiency? Please help experienced growers

    Hello 420 community. Hope you are all doing great. My 3rd proper grow is going pretty well and ive manged to dial in a great enviromnent for my babies, im heading towards the last week of flower and to be honest all is going great. ( link to my grow below) .... However some of the leaves on...
  5. johnw2269

    CFL or LED?

    Hi I was wondering, I use a hood with 8 23w cfls for growing in my 4x2 tent, this has done great for me but I just recently bought 3 300w Mars lights and plan on running 1 plant under 1 light so my question Is will I get better results with the Mars or stick with my CFL light. You can look at my...
  6. S

    First time questions

    Hello everyone, i'm attempting my first grow. From what I'm reading, I'm starting to realize its a pretty large sized grow. All i have is google and common sense while designing and starting this room so any help would be amazing! Grow Space 20x20x16 9 Gavita 1000 DE Great...
  7. Stinky Snid

    Haze.IO Customer Product & Service Review 2016

    First of all id like to thank Haze.IO for their awesome promotions running every month here at 420 Magazine. With random giveaways, contest and all sort of great ways to spread the word about a great little seedbank trying to spread their wings and join the elite cannabis breeders from around...
  8. B

    Huge ppm drop in less than 24 hours!

    So I drained the tank and added new nutrirnts and water yesterday with a ppm of 429. Checking today it's dropped to 263! The plant is a 27 day old white widow auto flower, I'm keeping the humidity at around 55 percent, feeding it flora nova grow 3.2 ml, superthrive plant vitamins .60 ml and...
  9. C

    I'm out of ideas and I'm going to lose my grow - Help please

    Hey guys, I've been surfing forums for years but this is my first post.. I'm having a tough time figuring out how to post pics. I've taken a bunch and have them on my phone but can't figure out how to attach them to this thread. In not great with computer stuff.. Once I can figure it out or...
  10. I

    Dyna grow help

    Using a peat moss with perlita as my grow material only. use Dyna grow foliage-pro 9-3-6 with 6.0 ph water at half strength. A small splash of mag used sparingly. My auto flower plants are ok but not great in size. Very good taste and high-2 hits. Should I try a better soil blend and is it...
  11. Z


    So I got a 400w HPS ballast and a 400 MH bulb. I was wondering if I could power the MH bulb with it, or if there's any danger if I do it? Great forum by the way. I'm happy to be part of it
  12. T

    Thinking of firing up the ol' arc tubes again!

    hey all , As some of ya may know i have had a few grows under my belt, unfortunately not all were published here. Last year i got married and cropped out at wedding time and decided to give it a break. Well..... now i am jonesin for another crop as i am in the hvac field now and am currently...
  13. D

    Help - Are these ready?

    Hi, can any one help, I have included a photo or two, these are 78 days old from seedling sprouting and where put into flower 12/12 at day 38. I am growing this Kera LA White widow under T5 & CFL's with great ventilation & stable heat in a small indoor tent. They smell great & are super...
  14. H

    New from great white north

    Hello everybody, new to this, just looking for some pointers. Cheers
  15. B

    Introducing myself

    Hello to all: I am a long time grower who has taken a step back from growing so I could raise my kids in piece and without fear of the local law coming and taking me away. Now I am older and kids are grown. I have been enjoying reading the different threads on this web site and love...
  16. A


    Hi Everyone, I am new here. It really feels great to join this community.
  17. P

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone feels great to be here and join the awesome community. New to this waiting for the gardening tools to arrive have got a 50cmx50cmx100cm tent with 4inch filter, my lighting will be a Mars 2 400w LED. Looking to have two 5 gallon pots in there. So excited to grow my own medicine...
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