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  1. J

    White Widow - Hermie?

    Hey everybody this is my first time growing and was wondering if there was any way anyone could tell if my plant is a Hermie? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  2. M

    Need Some Help

    Hello Everyone, Going into week 6 of flower I've ran into this problem. I'm a fairly new grower so I'm confused as to what this could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is this some sort of stress/deficiency?
  3. D

    Hats off to the Admins

    For whoever took the time to search and place the other threads here we greatly appreciate it and all you do. Thanks. :thanks:
  4. J


    Greatly appreciated
  5. Lilface2016

    New member - First grow Lilface 16

    Does anyone have any suggestions?? Your help and input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and happy growing!!
  6. Van Stank

    Help - New to the site - Can't upload pictures

    Hey all, Any help in adding pictures to the gallery so I can add to my grow journal would be greatly appreciated. I was able to add 4 pictures initially and now I keep getting error messages. I am trying by clicking on the "Gallery" tab and then I select "Upload Photos". From there I try to...
  7. S

    led lamp

    I'm looking for some help with LED lights. I'm a new grower from Massachusetts who recently purchased bridgeable LED grow lights. I noticed a majority of the lights are pink but there are a few blue as well as red lights and didn't know what the different colors work for. There is also a...
  8. W

    Question about autoflower

    Is it possible to pull a pound off of 600 watt hps off autos? 3 gallon bags in ff soil, was gunna run 2 tents, hoping to pull a pound off of each tent each harvest, and advice or help would be greatly appreciated
  9. V

    Leaves turning yellow.

    First time growing. Shaman strain dutch passion from seeds. Dynatek nutrients half strength and root booster. Temp 26c Lots of air flow. Veg state 4th week. Lights are 6 cfls about 2-3" away. I went on vacation and had my sister watering my plants and came home to yellow leaves...
  10. 3

    New Grow - Need Some Advice On A Few Things - Any Help Greatly Appreciated

    So I am doing a DWC grow and I am unsure where to start. I plan to germinate my seeds in a paper towel in a bag in my apartment. It stays around 75-80 in there. Then this is where im stuck on what to do. I know the seeds are germinated when I see a taproot. But then I get confused. I am...
  11. Y

    How are folks buying seeds?

    I only have mastercard. So I purchased a prepaid visa thinking this was the route. Well wrong again. Lol Turns out they can't be used internationally. I really don't want to send cash in the mail,this would take even more time. I have never did a bank wire. Not sure even how to go about this...
  12. Blazinjones

    Curling leaves upward hydro setup

    If any1 can help me figure this out i wud greatly appreciate it idk if its cuz thy have 2 much water or 2 often or if its cuz of the nute like 2 much r sumthn idk if any1 can hel me figure out y they r curling up like this i wud greatly appreciate it thank you This 1 as well idk wats goin on...
  13. P


    My two week old doesn't look big enough any feebk or suggestios would be greatly appreciated, frst time grower....