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    The Church
  2. Herbies Seeds

    New Green House CBD Strains Available At Herbies

    Green House have released 5 new CBD Strains, we have them all in stock.. Great White Shark CBD Super Silver Haze CBD Exodus Cheese Auto CBD Super Lemon Haze Auto CBD White Widow Auto CBD You can see all of our recently added strains here Herbies Seeds - New Cannabis Seeds You can view...
  3. B

    Sweet Mango Auto Grow

    first few days week 2 week 4 missed a week have the pics on my phone my digital was dead but heres 4 to date. equipment ballast timer reflector
  4. BornTo420

    BornTo420 Grow #3 Hawaiian Snow - Creating A Mother Plant

    Grow #3 Hawaiian Snow (feminized) Start on 2/14/2012 with Online purchase TheDamSeedCo Online cost: $75.00 online search for discount coupon code : $-7.50 Subtotal : $67.50 VAT : $8.10 Shipping : $15.00 Total Cost : $90.60 2/20/2012 Received souvenirs 2/20/2012...
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