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    315 CMH, CBD Auto Flower Grow 3 Strains From Dutch Passion, Dinafem & Green House

    :Namaste: Hi there this is my first journal, here we go. Growing is a art in itself, I believe you have to be patience. Show love and treat it with respect and in return will get a great bounty of reward from your plants. Man it's good for stress aswell. Am I the only weirdo who likes look at...
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    Heating Mat for Colder Outdoors Temps at Night? For Greenhouse

    Although I am living in Spain, right now IT DOES get chilly very early in the morning, at times down to 7C (45F) for a few hours or so. Noon again goes up to 18/19/20C (68F) again. I am growing in a greenhouse on the balcony and now I am considering some way to heat the green house, at least in...
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    Jahmid - 2nd Grow - Trinity Kush - Autoflower - Greenhouse - UK

    Hello 420 Welcome to my second grow journal. I had only 1 plant survive my last grow, so I've decided to start a second! I will be growing 3x feminized Trinity Kush, auto flower seeds. 90% indica I'm using a John Innes no.1 soil, mixed with 30% perlite. This time I've added stones to...
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    Lighting with parans (solar collector&fiber optics send the light to the grow)

    From the Web site Naturligt ljus med solljus inomhus - Parans fullspektrumljus - Parans "Arans offers sunlight for indoor environments through an innovative system that captures and directs the rays of the sun. In a simple way Parans allows you to get natural sunlight in every room: receiver on...
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