greenhouse seeds

  1. MostlySativa

    Completed Mostly Sativa Grow (Trainwreck GHS, and MS Hybrid)

    Was up ppls this is Mostly on my second offical grow. I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and have the full line of Advanced Nurient products including Connoissuer. I have two seperate rooms. My veg room is equiped with a 400 mh and a 150 hps and for the flowering room, there is 2 400s and a 150 so...
  2. C

    Abandoned Greenhouse Cheese

    I got 10 fem cheese seeds all popped in under 24 hours, I put them in foxfarm ocean forest and under 2 600 watt mh bulbs for two weeks I then put them in my backyard lawn I dug holes in the grass and backfilled with oceanforest soil I put them out July 1st I've given them the botanicare pure...
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