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  1. Greenpoint Cake N’ Chem

    Greenpoint Cake N’ Chem

    Cake N’ Chem
  2. lootznbootz

    SIP'ing Suzanne

    Hello, welcome and THANK YOU! I tossed the idea around in my head a bit then after discussing it with a friend, we came up with a name (while smoking and talking about the grow) and decided it was worth the effort. This journal will be much like my other current journal except it will be...
  3. lootznbootz

    Lootz Returns! Multi-Tent Grow In Soil With LED COBs & LM301H

    HELLO, WELCOME & THANK YOU! :Namaste: First of all, thank you for taking the time to click my journal and giving me a moment of your time. Hopefully you find it interesting enough to stick around for the long haul, and if not, I appreciate the read regardless! A little background into my...
  4. Copper Chem from Greenpoint Seeds

    Copper Chem from Greenpoint Seeds

  5. Cannagrowerled

    Cowboy Cookies Bred By Greenpoint Seeds

    Back at it again. Been busy lately but I'm back and plan on spending more time on here Will be germinating these today in ro water Light: 30w 6500k led for seedling than in the 660w led tent with the autos Tent: 4x8 Vivosun Medium:Coco-coir Nutes: General Hydropincs Flora Trio, CalMag...
  6. H

    Abandoned LED - 4x4 Grow Tent - SOG - Small Pheno Hunt

    Hey guys, prior to the new spot being up and running we are gonna run some seeds and see if we cant fine another flavor to run with Tangie. Same tent, same set up minus HPS( buying a couple more Platinums) one will be added before flower. Seeds germinating: 3 Greenpoint Florida Grape x...
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