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  1. TheMadMonk

    Bud Grinders: Thoughts & Opinions?

    I would love to hear who's using what and what people find to be the best option for bud grinders especially with a kief catcher ? :Namaste:
  2. M

    Lions Teeth Cool Grinder For Weed

    Not a bad grinder at all. It was lighter than I thought (176 grams). Came with a kief scraper. It has more teeth than I expected as well. Lid sounds a bit loose now but the magnet holds it no problem and after some time being used, the lid will get stickier with weed residue and the lid will be...
  3. Massdrop

    30% off Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.0, 38% off MFLB Finishing Grinder

    Hey Everyone, Massdrop is currently running buys on the Magic Flight Power Adapter (30% off - $54.99) MFLB Finishing Grinder (38% off - $23.99) RooR: Ice Master 18 Inch Water Pipe (48% off - $159.99) RooR Tech: Flush Recycler (35% off - $359.99) Pinnacle Pro...
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