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  1. K

    New Medical Marijuana Research Could Greenlight More Uses In Treatment

    Despite its continuing hardline stance against marijuana, the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has shown some signs of relenting and this summer opened the door to allowing more farms to grow cannabis for official research purposes. That's an important step forward that may change the potential...
  2. L

    Organic - Vegan - DIY Fertilizer Experiments - Blueberry & Grinspoon

    I would like to find a mix of fertilizer i can make myself using organic, non animal product ingredients. i would like to use this thread to test multiple fertilizer recipes and record the results. My first test will be on a crop king blueberry and a barneys dr grinspoon. the blueberry has...
  3. lazyfish

    Dr. Grinspoon

    Day 35 of flower: :Love: