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  1. Y

    Dyna Gro feed schedule?

    Dose anyone have a feed schedule fo Dyna gro for a DWC?? I do not use RO WATER. I use tap water. I use the bucket system. Feed Chart – Dyna-Gro This schedule is so powerful that there is a risk of nute burns. Please tell us your own recipe. PLEASE I NEED HELP
  2. M

    New grower for self medical

    I have grown in mirale grow moisture control soil with nute already in the soil for six months gro. under cfl lighting ten different times . but only had about 1oz. dry weight from each plant the buds just never were big. I now have a viva spectra 700 par and a 4x4 gro tent have not started this...
  3. Ron Strider

    OR: Rush-Hour Protest Tells Voters To Keep Creswell From Going To Pot

    In just over a month, Creswell residents will vote again on whether marijuana retailers should be allowed in the south Lane County town. The "vote no" camp demonstrated its opposition to Measure 20-280 by staging a protest during Monday evening rush hour at the Creswell exit off Interstate 5...
  4. C

    You Hate Miracle Gro? You Might Still Be Using A Miracle Gro Product

    Miracle Gro has a plan to get pot growers on the Miracle Gro bandwagon: "The chief executive of Scotts Miracle-Gro, says the company is looking at ways to better sell to medical-marijuana growers. CEO Jim Hagedorn told the Journal the company would do that by buying up small soil companies...
  5. S

    Malawi Gold Auto Fem

    2 Malawi Gold auto fem (Crop King Seeds) soil with 4-1-4 and perlite mixture 3 gal grow buckets 200 watt of 6500k CFL temp 75-80 F lights on 24 hrs @ 6" above plants Nutes Flora Nova Gro, pinch of molasses and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide 1/4 strength Room size 3x4x8 basement cellar RH@ 50%