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    Seed popped out of the soil! But so did the root - Wtf?

    so i've planted my seeds yesterday and today they popped out of the ground. One of them however had the root that also popped out of the ground. I added a bit of soil on top of the tip of the root and moisten it up. Ps: I've been using humidity dome on each pot. is there a way to fix this?
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    First Grow Recap - Doing the Math

    4 x 4 tent 2 Northern Lights - plant 1 - 34 grams of buds - chopped at 93 (57 flowering) days above ground I'm pretty sure I did this a little early although you wouldn't really know that from the pictures. I also did a lousy job drying. The buds still smell like hay and yes I still...
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    Small Backyard Garden With Various Strains & Methods & More

    Hi and warm regards to everyone. I am starting this journal to share some of my ongoing growing projects this season. There's about a dozen plants mostly in ground but also some container and a pretty indoor white widow auto that's in week 11. I have been growing for only a few years but...
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    Question about the Biobizz feeding schedule .

    sorry for the maybe stupid question but i dont really understand when to start using biobloom does it mean 3 weeks from seedling?i mean "from the moment it broke ground" or 3 weeks from the moment the first real leaves grow? i really dont understand this part .. and i'm afraid i might have...
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    Planted My Beans In The Wrong Sign OF The Moon (Waning)

    I knew I was doing it at the time. Ten Beans... A couple of odd things happened. Six of the ten broke ground in five days in the solo cups. Normal..... Planted in the middle of the cup. I'm careful. ....One of these came up on the edge of the cup 2 inches away, that's strange but it looks...
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    Fox Farm's Ocean Forest Potting Soil

    By far the most expensive potting stuff my yard and garden store sells at $16.95 for one and a half cub. ft. I'm sifting thru a sample quart of it and what it looks like to me is ground up wood..I don't see any actual soil in it. To me, soil means dirt; earth, as in river bottom dirt. What i...
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    Steps To Opening Dispensaries

    Looking to go into business, unsure of where to start to get the dispensary off the ground. Is there anyone out there that can offer some advice?
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    A pleasant surprise - Looking for advice on how to move forward

    Hey 420 Fam, Here is a plant I had been experimenting with for an outdoor grow, straight in the ground. Planted in the ground at about 2 weeks old the goal was to find a small inconspicuous area outside where I could veg a plant until I saw sex organs, and go from there. To my surprise...
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    My First Grow Journal - Blackberry Kush Auto - Blueberry Auto

    This is my first grow journal. Unfortunately we have missed the first 2 weeks. These seeds met the ground on the 17th August currently sitting at 15days old
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    Early Mid Season Outdoor Check-Up

    Here in the mid west USA I have performed a mid season check on plants that are in my gorilla grow, in local fields. They have been in the field for just over 3 weeks now, sizes were around 12-15 inches when in the ground. No extra nutes until last night, next visit will be time for bloom...
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    Northern Lights - Outdoors

    I am just starting this endeavor- have 5 seedlings in peat pots- can anybody tell me how long I should wait before putting them in the ground? Any other tips would be very much appreciated- :thanks:
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    Inexperience hurts

    growing 1 indica plant was growing great still in veg.stage .well 2 days ago i added some ground up egg shells and ground up banana peals to the soil mixing it in about 3-4 inches.today when i watered i noticed a lot of yellowing and tips of the leafs turning brown and brittle.i think i may...