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  1. Kvarrasso28

    Mabel1st Grow: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, Indica, March 2019

    Strain - Unknown /Indica # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flowering Bucket Size - 7 Gallon/fabric container Lights - Outdoors/ 12 hour Nutrients - Fox Farm Nutrient Trio Medium - Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil PPM - PH - 7.0 RH - 50% to 55% Temperature -Florida sun @ 90’ Solution...
  2. T

    Help me, one plant no more grow up, first time growing

    Hey my friend i need you help i have 2 plant of qucik one 1 of Speed Haze and 1 of Super Haze i have 1 of quick one no leaf no more grow Set Up: Soil - Seeding in cup - 800 watt LED Day1-5 - 27 inchs from top of plants 24Hrs. From Day 6 > till now (day12) 40 inchs from top of plants 18/6 light...
  3. P

    Need help picking light bulbs for auto

    I need help picking 2 light bulbs nothing more then 40w and try to keep it as cheap as possible Thanks =)
  4. P

    Hello I'm Gonna Attempt To Grow One Plant Everything Home Made! With A Twist

    This is my first time so i need a lot of help if possible. Currently i have no clue what i'm doing Money is tight atm and i use cannabis for its medical purposes, It helps with my social anxiety, sleep and nausea. Every thing is a side effect of the cancer that i beat a few years back i'm 18...
  5. F

    General Advice

    This is my White Widow Auto. Its 5 weeks old today. Its 48cm tall and I'm seeing some pistils now. I haven't a clue what I'm doing at this stage. I'm feeding it guano tea and it does look quite healthy to me. What do you guys think. What should I do next. How long is left and should I change to...
  6. aceknight

    Soil Conditioning Kit

  7. 20180528_062155.jpg


    Officially the first day of week 5 in the flowering period
  8. P

    Grow Room Tips & Advice

    Hey All! First time poster here. I've been doing some research and have some questions I was hoping the experts could shed some light on (full pun intended). I'll give some background info first. I've been starting to plan my first grow (for personal use), and will be setting up indoors...
  9. Studge

    11 weeks from 12/12 switch - Still loads of white hairs

    Hi, This is my first grow. Growing with coco perlite mix and using dutch pro nutrients. I switched to 12/12 11 weeks ago, The first sign of flowers was about 2 weeks after that. I still have a serious amount of white hairs. Is that normal? I have attached a photo of as good as I can get of...
  10. A

    LED strip

    Hey all, I'm from Belgium, new to this forum and about to start my first grow ever. (noob warning!) I wanted to grow just one plant since it is for personal use and I'm just curious how it all works. I'm planning to grow in a old cardboard box from my printer which is about the size of a...
  11. S

    Help I am so confused - Auto Skunk not flowering

    I purchased some Skunk no.1 autos from Sensi seeds. Im growing in a small grow tent under a Marshydro 300 (150 watt) in a 27 cm pot. Right now its 42 day since the seed popped and she has grown pretty bushy. Ive messed up the nutrients and as a result she is burned and all yellow. I had PH...
  12. U

    Am I ready to go?

    So I have stumbled into the arts of growing bud, and I am extremely amazed. I am wanting to do my own grow very soon and was hoping the lovely people of 420magazine can help me with what's next... Here is the list of my equipment I'm thinking about getting if there is clearly anything I've...
  13. Murdoch

    Milky Way, Grow In Soil Journal, 2016

    Hello, Another first-timer Indoor grow heading your way. Got some nice seeds called Milky Way. A good beginner seed I am told, more on the seeds further down. Feel free to come with tips, advice and ask questions. :thumb: Seeds Name: Milky Way - Feminized Amount of seeds: 5...
  14. BLGrower

    Biggest Little Grow Box: Introduction

    Hey what up guys just wanted to share my grow box I just recently finished. With legalization just around the corner I'm getting everything I can ready to go. My box was designed with a couple things in mind. I wanted it to be discrete (not hidden), small and compact, simple, and easy to...
  15. P

    I have few problems but Idk what

    Hello guys. I am growing Jack herer from seeds and it is my 35th day. I've encountered some issues and seeking for help. I am using 400W Led lights, starting from last week(Before, I was using flor. lamps to not to shock the plants. I have 3 ventilators to maintain air flow and my pots are big...
  16. ChronicPurps

    New grower with 2x4 tent

    Hi members of 420mag! Im new to indoor growing and ive only seen it once and been around a couple grows. I currently want to run: 2x4x5-6' tent I have a 600w light w/ a dimmable and switchable MH/HPS ballast I have a 6'' 500cfm fan i was thinking as exaust attached to my light to a carbon filter...
  17. S

    Seraphis's Northern Lights - 2016 - My 1st Grow

    Hello all and well met! :ciao: I'm waiting on the parts for my first grow and wanted to get started on a journal to help track my progress and hopefully get some pointers along the way. I ordered some feminized auto flowering Vision Northern Lights and Vision Blueberry seeds from Herbies on...
  18. A

    Newbie grower starting out on a new adventure

    Hey there folks, my name is Peter, joining me on this adventure is my bo Pieter (yes we have the same names :high-five: ) We are from southern Africa, recently started my greatest adventure since the new year started:thumb: Let me skip the yada yada and get to the questions. Do you...
  19. T

    Greetings from the other side of the pond!

    Hi All! Just signed up today having spent some time reading through some of your awesome grow posts. I was diagnosed and treated (with chemotherapy) in 2015 for Follicular Lymphoma (NHL). I was/am Stage 4 and had many B symptoms which meant I had no choice on treatment (From diagnosis to...
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