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grow box construction

  1. J

    First Grow Box - Need advice!

    Hello everybody! I've been looking into growing for quite some time now since where I live weed is kinda hard to come by. So I did a bunch of research and keeping in mind that I want to keep this on a more budget kinda build I've now got most of this project planned. I've also read tons of...
  2. BLGrower

    Biggest Little Grow Box: Introduction

    Hey what up guys just wanted to share my grow box I just recently finished. With legalization just around the corner I'm getting everything I can ready to go. My box was designed with a couple things in mind. I wanted it to be discrete (not hidden), small and compact, simple, and easy to...
  3. quiyettoker

    Growbox questions 3.5 x 1.8 x 1.4

    Peace and love yall!! Well I have been for the past week ( Last week actually) looking tremendously for a grow box. I have currently 6 plants growing outside on the patio. So, I actually was going to build a growbox at first from scratch but while searching for "Ones trash is another's treasure"...
  4. onlinesponge

    Micro-grow noob ideas, doubts & progress

    Hi all from Spain! After some time researching about DIY microgrowing i decided to give it a try, and since many threads in this forum already helped me with a lot of questions coming to my mind, i consider this can be the best place to, hopefuly, get some extra help and get the thing working ;)...
  5. M

    New here, looking for small grow box suggestions

    Decided to start a small grow for personal use, probably one maybe three plants, I've been looking around on the forums and see lots of neat ideas for grow rooms and boxes. Originally I looked into a tent but seen an idea with a bookshelf that caught my attention. Just wondering if anyone has...
  6. Thunderthys

    Fridge 250HPS - Freezer Clone Zone - Atomic NL#5 - Conkushion

    the big one in the bucket is the NL and theres 2 more seedlings started in the freezer but theres 5 or 6 NL clones in the aero cloner and a couple conkushion and autos... but i love that NL cheeb!!! post rooted pics soon added plant prod root booster to the aero cloner last night...love growing...
  7. R

    Pre-build Questions

    1st time grower, however i have spent a good 4/5 years in horticulture and smoked for a lot longer than that ;) but here goes...Ok. so i got a good deal on a starting grow kit, 125W blue cfl/200W red cfl/250W HPS with ballast, carbon filter/tubing/chemicals/coco soil/ph testers all the little...
  8. J

    Mini fridge grow box

    I had the great idea to convert a mini fridge into a grow box. This will be my 3rd time growing but I've never built a grow box. I need help and ideas on the wiring part of it. I need to know how to install a pc or computer fan as ventilation and how to install the lighting. The simpler the better.
  9. kmkstar

    Designing a grow box and looking for input

    Good day, I'm working on a new design project for a easy and inexpensive grow box for medical patients. Most of my grow experience is in large warehouse grows. I know the principles and what is needed for a grow environment. My goal is to consult and help out patients in a easy inexpensive...
  10. G

    Tomorrow begins the construction of my first grow box. Need advice on my dimensions.

    Tomorrow I intend on beginning to customise a locker I have at home. These are the dimensions: (H) 29.9 in x (W) 15.7 in x (D) 18.9 in Using LST and growing an auto-flowering mostly indica strain and allowing space for fans, fan light traps and CFLs themselves, do you guys reckon I could...
  11. Gnarnar

    My First Grow Box

    I am a legal CA MMJ Patient! :439: I decided i wanted to turn my old tv cabinet that doesnt fit my 42" LCD into a low key grow box....so i went to work. Any suggestions are openly welcomed! First I gutted the unit. Pulled the Drawer Faces off and the shelves out. Broke the cheap...
  12. wannaweed

    Newbie in Central Canada

    Hello All and thanks for all the valuable info here. Great community. I am a first time grower looking at building a grow box from an old armoire. Obvious reason.... To keep it out of site :) Want to build two chambers, one for veg and one for flowering. SHould I keep them the same size or make...
  13. MisterPeabody

    The Cart In Front of the Horse

    As usual, I did things bas-ackwards. I Guess this should have been the first stop. Be that as it may, It's a big-time pleasure to be surrounded by so many like-minded thinkers as myself. If survival of the fittest holds water, I'm surrounded by many, who like myself have found a way to...
  14. P

    Grow Box?

    I have a question for all of ya'll tokers. I did an outdoor grow as my first grow, four plants, of jack herer. Grew for 12 weeks, and flowered for 8 weeks. Harvested 3lbs of bone dried cure. Beautiful smoke, sweet and potent, but a very middle between a head high and couch stone. Very enjoyable...
  15. Mister O

    First ever Growbox/Grow attempt!

    Hi Guys, Complete begginer here, in everything! Tell me what you guys think.... It's 6 cubic feet, 1ft wide by 3ft high and 2 ft deep, i plan to grow and flower 2 plants in this area. :rasta:
  16. J

    Make-shift growbox

    Could a large trash bin be used as a growbox? I would like to modify a trash can with intake and exhaust, lights, and fans to use as a descrete grow box. I have a large pot for planting that will be placed inside the bin and still has a few inches in diameter of free space. The lights will hang...
  17. O

    Input needed for this setup

    New Grow, Need suggestions on set up permalink -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be doing an indoor grow using the following: 6 x 600 watt HPS ( Sodium Bulbs) Not sure on reflectors yet In soil hand water (open to suggestions)...
  18. LadyLiberty

    LadyLiberty Growbox Construction- 150w HPS 16in x 16in x 4ft

    Hey guys LL here, Im about to walk you through how i am making my a four foot tall semi stealth box. For a bit of background information, i have a plant going on to 3 weeks flower, and would like a safer and more consistent growing space for it. She is mostly sativa, and i would love to...
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