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  1. NeelDJ

    Smart Grow Box, Still Testing, Second Grow

    Well this my previous grow was a failure, as I started to panic that my plant was getting root bound, and had to water it very frequently or else the leaves would look gloomy. So transplanted it outdoors and ... My scumbag gardener ripped off the plant at 10 days flowering! I hurts, but I have...
  2. J

    First Grow Box - Need advice!

    Hello everybody! I've been looking into growing for quite some time now since where I live weed is kinda hard to come by. So I did a bunch of research and keeping in mind that I want to keep this on a more budget kinda build I've now got most of this project planned. I've also read tons of...
  3. BLGrower

    Biggest Little Grow Box: Introduction

    Hey what up guys just wanted to share my grow box I just recently finished. With legalization just around the corner I'm getting everything I can ready to go. My box was designed with a couple things in mind. I wanted it to be discrete (not hidden), small and compact, simple, and easy to...
  4. onlinesponge

    Micro-grow noob ideas, doubts & progress

    Hi all from Spain! After some time researching about DIY microgrowing i decided to give it a try, and since many threads in this forum already helped me with a lot of questions coming to my mind, i consider this can be the best place to, hopefuly, get some extra help and get the thing working ;)...
  5. 302LX

    My Little Home Made Grow Box

    My DIY grow box. Total cost $25.50:thumb:
  6. 302LX

    My Little Home Made Grow Box

    Here is my little grow box I made out of some stuff around the house. total cost $25.50
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