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  1. D

    Beating depression last try

    Hi :Love: So i have only smoked some weed. When i was in my 16s. I did enjoy it but i never stuck with it. And the simple fact is that. In Sweden where am from hashish is easiest to get. Sold mostly buy a "friend" of a friend. Or you are forced to deal with gangs. And fuck that am now in my...
  2. BLGrower

    Biggest Little Grow Box: Introduction

    Hey what up guys just wanted to share my grow box I just recently finished. With legalization just around the corner I'm getting everything I can ready to go. My box was designed with a couple things in mind. I wanted it to be discrete (not hidden), small and compact, simple, and easy to...
  3. B

    Yield Machine Max 4 Foot UFO Grow Box 180 Watt LED - Review - Stealth Grow Box

    The Yield Machine Max is a great grow box for beginner growers who don’t want to deal with building their own box. It was super easy to set up. It came with everything I needed to get started with growing. This eliminated all the time waiting for things to ship and searching for all the little...
  4. T

    Hydroponics Grow Box?

    Hey Everyone just had a question about a specific grow box if anyone knew much about this product. Its the Cash Crop 4.0 ( Cash Crop 4.0 - 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box - Dealzer ). It is selling for about 450 dollars and I was just looking for a simple first time buy when it came to this...
  5. N

    Anyone used this growbox? And some other questions

    Hey guys! This is my first post. Anyway I was wondering if anyone would recommend this box. The 24'' one. I am a noob, and this was one of the cheapest boxes I could find, and I would rather not make my own. It comes with six 60 watt CFL bulbs. Three 2700k, and three 5000k. I'm not sure if this...
  6. Thunderthys

    Abandoned Fridge 250HPS - Freezer Clone Zone - Atomic NL#5 - Conkushion

    the big one in the bucket is the NL and theres 2 more seedlings started in the freezer but theres 5 or 6 NL clones in the aero cloner and a couple conkushion and autos... but i love that NL cheeb!!! post rooted pics soon added plant prod root booster to the aero cloner last growing...
  7. C

    Abandoned Super Stealth Dual 600w + LED + T5 Perpetual Cabinet Grow

    What's up farmers! I've been wanting to do my own journal for a long time so I'm finally just gonna sack up and do it Here's the set up; I have two Earth Cab Pro XL's that I got One they customized for me with LED's and one is their standard model. Running...
  8. D

    I'm needing some help please

    Hello everyone i hope I'm in the right place. What I'm trying to do is grow lol. It's just for my wife and I. maybe 2 plants at a time will be enough until cycle goes around to grow again. But I'm limited to space i have been looking at the pc growers but to small. So I'm trying to get some...
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