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  1. Blew Hiller

    Best value indoor light just for starting seedlings - Advice please!

    I just germinated/planted two (2) seeds and was looking for an inexpensive supplemental light (they are on the south window now) to carry me through March. I plan on growing in our greenhouse Spring/Summer but not sure the weather will break in time without temps dropping below 60F. Thanks...
  2. COgrowman

    Abandoned The Long Haul Grow Journal

    Greetings and salutations, My grow has been one crazy adventure. I am at about 48 days right now and things are going well. Enjoy. My setup has changed throughout the grow cycle. I started with a 400 HPS during veg using F1 clones from a buddy of mine. +Reps for him. At first I just watered...
  3. H

    CFL grow lights

    Hello. I recently ordered a couple of 125w CFL. and when they arrived i noticed that theres some kind of melted glue with a little glass tube between the tubes of the lamp. i would really like to know, should i remove them or just let them stay. i got them off from one bulb but theres some...
  4. WizHigh

    Are 54w T5 CFL any Good? Slow Growth or Fast Growth?

    I'm using 2x 22" 24w high output CFLs and soon will be upgrading to 4x 4ft 54w high output CFL. Right now have the light 4" above the canopy with th fan blowing above it. The plant is 2 and a half weeks old about 15" in height. I want it to be short and bushy, don't plan on LST atleast not on...
  5. M

    Let there be light : )

    6 cfl cool white 100wattz, 2 t12 cool white tubes. Should it do the job?
  6. J

    "soft white CFL bulbs"

    I just got some cfls's, plugged them in, and noticed they were "soft white" bulbs. There's 550 lumens per bulb. Can I grow with these?
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