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    Abandoned Grow Cab - Tangerine Dream & Bag Seed - 600W HPS - 2014

    Figured id start one of these things...since i enjoy reading them I hope someone else enjoys my grow! I have grown before - only a single Betty Boo Auto-flower blossomed, about 16 inches high. It was marvelous. Anyways, this one is being grown in a custom/homemade box i built. The cab has two...
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    Medium Sized NGB Cab - Ebb+Flow, 600w HPS, need constructive criticism

    Aloha All! This may be my first time posting - but have been (like many) a lurker for years and years. So Hello - this is me~! :peace: General information at a glance. 1 month perpetual grow, 1 plant per month. Grow cab will be located inside my bedroom, I am a legal medicinal patient in...
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