grow cabinet on a budget.

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    DIY Wardrobe Conversion - One Day Project

    This will be my first post on :420:, i appreciate any feedback/tips and advice. I have read so many grow and build journals here, So i thought i would dive in and sign up so i could create my own journals. This DIY journal is just to get used to posting and formatting correctly so i am well...
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    Abandoned 420Blue's - Soil - Unknown Strain - Micro DIY Closet Box - 46W CFL - 2015

    Hello internet! I'm a first time stealth grower. My goal is to grow something that makes you laugh. My question to you fellow forum visitors is how to grow my unknown strain, to have best "laughing effect". Thank you I will try to post as many images as possible. I kept it cheap, diy style...
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    Completed Away's Second Grow - DIY - Mars II TopLED 400W (80x5W) - 2015

    Hello and welcome to my second journal. :peace: This journal will cover the year 2015's grows on my behalf. To sum it up shortly.. I build the cabin myself and a description of how can be found in the first pages of my first grow journal (link in my signature). The idea of my grow is...
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    Hello to all!

    Ive always loved those expensive grow cabinets. The steel ones are nice and I've fallen in love with those pretty wooden ones. I really considered investing $1000 -$2000 for one but I decided to build one myself. Purchased a decent size plastic cabinet from a local hardware store. Purchased some...
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