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  1. B

    Super Closets

    Has anyone used or heard any comments on super closets?I saw there ad on the HT website and was wondering if they are worth the price. Need to use something like that because of security and limited grow space.
  2. Closet Farmer

    Cabinet & Tent, Buckets & DWCt, White Widow Max

    Strain-White Widow Max Feminized Just planted the sprouts on 7/1/2010 I am growing this out of a grow box I purchased from Sunlight Sheds. It is the Cool Cab unit. The box itself if very stealth. It has two built in fans and a vent unit in the back of the cabinet. It also has a...
  3. B

    Grow Cabinet plans help!

    I'm currently building a small bed side cabinet in my wood shop class. i was planning on changing this into a small grow box for one plant I plan on drilling to large holes for two fans i already have and im going to make two carbon filters to put on those. the area in the drawer is about...
  4. MisterPeabody

    Mister Peabody's First Grow

    Finally got my stealth grow cab completed and it's time to grow. This grow began life in the comfort of a 1" Rockwell cube, PH'd for 48 hrs @ 5.0 respectively. The story begins.. The girls are beginning to shift gears (girls, I hope). Here you can see the reservoir, and how shallow it is...
  5. Phoenix James

    Once and for all. Which Tent?

    Once and for all WHICH TENT is best or worst and why? The HydroHut, Secret Jardin, BudBox, HomeBox or the GrowLab by HomeBox. The HydroLab, or the Greenroom? (PLEASE DONT TALK ABOUT CHEAP INFERIOR TENTS ON THIS THREAD. ONLY THE ABOVE TENTS AND POSSIBLY ANY RUMOURS OF SOMETHING NEW TO THE...
  6. SciFi

    SciFi's Bunkrupt Durban X ? Hybrid, First Grow Ever 2010

    What strain is it? Well.. It's a long story. I had a friend who was a grower. He committed suicide due to smoking cessation drugs (F*CK YOU CH*NTIX) side effects. Before he passed away he handed me the bottom of his seed crop.. And said here.. pick through this, it's my next batch, return...
  7. N

    Hydropopnic Grow Box Systems

    For some people building a grow room or a even finding a room to grow in can be difficult. Also the time someone would spend building and gathering all the supplies along with planning could take weeks out of your schedule. Buying a pre-made Advanced Cultivation Machine is the most efficient...
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