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  1. Z

    Seedling Looking Unhealthy: Help

    Currently babysitting 3 seedlings for my father and one of which is displaying symptoms that the others aren't. In the last 1-2 days this has happened: - 2 bottom leaves are yellowing - Top 2 are drooping. - Zooming in you can also see there is slight darkening at all the edges. - Growth stopped...
  2. L

    Curling leaves - Yellow-brown spots - Slowed growth

    Hi this is my first post on this forum. Would be awesome for you guys to help me figure this one out! Also my first grow, i will explain my setup after. Anyhow, the problem I've been seeing is 2 of my young girls are having a very significant slowed growth compared to the third one (Third one is...
  3. T

    Need help for slow growth

    I would like to know your ideas and advice for my first indoor experience because i guess i have been missing some parts that's why the process going so slow; I have got ''Speed Seeds'' Lowryder # 2 x AK 47 Auto. I have started the light schedule with CFL and Led both in first two weeks, CFL...
  4. J

    Seedling help

    . Wondering if someone can help me out please. I have planted 8 germinated seeds ( germinated using cup of water to paper towel. Tap root 1/2" -3/4") in promix soil with no added nutrients. Seeds are a fem mix from cks. I have had them in soil under a 2700 lumen led light. 5000k color temp. For...
  5. S

    First grow - Anxious about harvesting

    Hi folks, So as the title says this is my first grow and I somehow ended up with 25 plants from bag seeds, none of which I expected to survive, all of which did and all of which ended up being female. They're growing outside in Australian summer weather right now and I'm keeping a close...
  6. Mr289

    New Grower Help - Candy Cane

    This is my first grow ever, I'm growing Auto Flower Fem Candy Cane. I'm not sure how far along I am in the grow but my plants seem to look fine except for one of them, its started to develop an odd pattern of spots, I've tried to google for help but thought maybe some experienced growers maybe...
  7. Dave Groomer

    2nd CFL grow need help

    I have 2 plants, an AK48 and an Ice growing in Miracle Grow organic potting soil with perlite and lyme. They are 3 weeks old, under 4 23w CFL (6500k). I am using Fox Farm Nutes. Soil PH is 6.5. Humidity 50% Temp around 80. This AM I noticed some brown edges on the Ice. Does anyone have...
  8. H

    Growing Help [Low Temp Vs More light + High Temp]

    I am currently starting my 1st grow and started setting up my grow area while the seeds are germinating. I actually just signed up on this site to ask an important question: Grow Area : 3ft x 3ft x 7ft height. Intake : intake into the grow area providing air conditioned air at 21C installed...
  9. AlaskaThunder

    Mold? Photos of clones with white spots on leaves

    Hi, first time post. I got 7 clones growing right now off of my room mates plants. They have been growing approx. 3 weeks and are looking pretty good. There are 3 different strains in this grow. They are in veg of course and under a T4 fluorescent light. 24 hours of light right now. On a...
  10. bonedaddy4u

    Bonedaddy4u's Garden

    Will keep posting pictures from my room.:welcome: :MoreNutes::thankyou: Thank you all for the help I've gotton from this site 420 Rules The Bonedaddy
  11. D

    5 weeks into flower... Is it ok first grow!

    this is the top of my plant and is 4-5 weeks into flower 12/12 cycle ## is it ok ??? i am a complete NOOOOB at this so don be cheeky or nasty please:)
  12. J

    Help! Won't Grow

    These are a week apart and the bigger one is 2 weeks old. The smaller sprouted on the 31st of oct so its about a week old. It hasnt grown since wont even stretch and get spindly there is no growth at all!! they have no nutes of course. They are under fluorescent tube lights and all the other 13...
  13. A

    My 1. Grow Need input !

    Hello ! Hi ! Im a 26 year old guy from Denmark ! :yummy: I found a new hobby and wanted to bring it to a bigger scale so heres what i got: Oh and everything is from (OMG BAD SERVICE) SilverBox Grow Tent 1,4 Mq - 120x120x200cm Easy Kit 600W HPS + Sonlight AGRO 600W (Reflector was...
  14. NastyAce05

    Completed Bagseed First Grow Started 8-26-10

    so this lil thing is idk what it is but its four days out of the dirt anything special i should know it just from bagseed but what do u think indica or sativa i dont know if its to early to tell yet it germinated over a 24hr period and had a 1/4 in root already and it jumped out of the 2/3...
  15. NastyAce05

    New To The Grow Game! 2'X6' Closet! 1st Grow!

    :tokin: Hey ya'll first time here, first project and first question or 2. :tokin: :yummy: So I got a closet thats 2'X6'x8' and wanted to know what type and how many plants I could grow in that limited space with a 600w HPS Lamp and what reflector I should use in a room that small??? :blunt: I...
  16. Z

    Dwarfs! need help!

    I just put my feminized dwarf lowryder #2 x AK47's in a three gallon pot with easy grow soil after it germinated. I have a 150 watt HPS on three of these. Is that enough lighting for all three of my dwarfs? Should i get a couple of CFL's to help out with some of the lighting? Also i just put...
  17. 5

    Let me introduce myself

    I grew up in Southern California in the 60's and 70's, and in high school I was part of the group known as the stoners, even though I didn't smoke pot or anything else at that time, I just like the people in the stoners group, plus they were the most fun to be around. They liked me because I...
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