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  1. Mr. Krip

    Sponsored Grow: KIND LED K5 XL1000 With Ace Seeds In Doc Bud's High Brix Soil

    Welcome, everyone, to my new journal, and apologies for the slight delay in getting this started as we were finalizing all the details. As the title says, this is a sponsored grow featuring the Kind K5 XL1000 LED grow light, and growing Bubba Hash and Orient Express by Ace Seeds in Doc Bud's...
  2. Slothman

    Unknown Strain, Blueberry & Purple Kush Grow 2019: Am New So Comments Welcome

    What strain is it? i have a Unkown strain that is one week from switching to flower ( at least i think), and a Purple kush from crop king, and Blueberry from crop king, seeds started just put the blueberry in rockwool today. PK is still germ Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? see...
  3. S

    Scizzlys Second Multi Strain Grow In Soil 2019

    Hey guys so this is my second grow. My first grow is actually about 2-3 weeks away from Finishing up and wanting to get a head start on the next run. This run I’ll be growing 3 Shiskaberry, 3 AK47, 3 707 Headband, 3 White Widow. All Photo period and I am growing 1 Amnesia Haze Auto flower...
  4. PlastekShark

    Plastek's Perpetual Shark Tank

    Hello, everyone! :D Similar to what I have seen with some other posts...I am also now starting a personal grow with the legalization passing in Michigan. I had been on the fence about getting started for almost 2 years. Legalization passing was all the go ahead I needed.;) As the title states...
  5. hydro91

    Hydro91's Organic Seedsman Grow Journal 2019: Under Construction

    By popular request I've decided to get the thread underway in preparation for when my equipment arrives. Please be patient as I will frequently update the thread as more items arrive. What strains are they? ~Indica~ -Granddaddy Purple (Grandaddy Purp) -Northern Lights (Pyramid Seeds) ~Sativa~...
  6. Doves419

    First time grow

    This is my first grow. I thought someone might give me some tips along the way. I have a 20 in by 36 in by 63 in vivosun grow tent. For ventilation I have a vivosun 6 in fan and filter. Two marshydro 300s and three gallon grow bags. Soil is roots organic and nutes are fox farm trio and molasses...
  7. T

    First Grow! Looking For Guidance & Advice Throughout This Journey

    Hello all! I’m brand new to this site (second post) and just about as new to growing cannibis. I just started my first grow about 2 weeks ago and have been fine just researching and deciphering the best routes on my own, but not I’ve hit my first real problem: yellowing/burning. I’m currently...
  8. Raze58

    Raze58 Purple Kush - LED Lights - Soil - 2018

    Hello and welcome to my Purple Kush mars hydro LED soil grow journal. The seeds were germinated on july 13th 2018 and sprouted up quickly. I did loose one due to it coming up with no leaf node or head at all for that matter, I see this alot with crop king seeds. The 4 that sprouted are...
  9. 20180604_113624.jpg


    Indica hybrid day 1 week 6 of the flowering period
  10. 20180604_113834.jpg


    Sativa hybrid day 1 week 6 of the flowering period
  11. Kassquatch

    Kassquatch's First Time Early Miss Auto Fem Full Outdoor In Planter - May 2018

    First timer here! I started 2 seeds off on my own website doing a journal 3-4 weeks ago but I somehow (well I know how) killed 2 seeds because I do not have a green thumb. So I figured I will post here to a) get some tips, and b) show people just because why not. Before I get to my journal, I...
  12. Corleone8

    Northern Lights Auto Flower - Soil - Indoors - 400W

    Starting this journal for anyone that wants to follow along, but more importantly; so that I can harvest tips. Its my first grow. Had 10 seeds, germinated 1, this it her below. Im on day 21. Sorry for the late post. For the record, I put the seed in tap water for 18 hours, (didn't air the water...
  13. AfroBunnyLabs

    AfroBunny's Indoor Hydro Green Crack Grow Journal 2018 - First Grow!

    Hello 420 crew! I am super excited to finally be getting started! Friends and I have been talking about growing for the longest time. We have finally gotten some funds together and jumped head first into making our dreams a reality. Where we live it is legal to buy from dispensaries, and...
  14. CropKingSeeds

    2017 News Strains Crop King Seeds Grow Journal Contest

    High All, If you have ordered our 2017 four new strains (Cali OG Haze, Durban Poison, Sour Jack and White Widow Autoflower) from us and have been growing these strains then this is your chance to WIN 20 SEEDS OF YOUR CHOICE. You can either choose 2 strains of 10 each or 20 seeds of 1 strain...
  15. K

    White Widow Auto - First Public Journal

    I have been lurking for a while and appreciate this community for it's sharing of information... I'll be playing catch up a bit since I'm about 2+ weeks from harvest, but I have been keeping daily diligent hand-written notes and taking pictures the whole time, so I will do my best to...
  16. flytier

    Flytier's White Widow Novice Grow

    Ok, so this is my first grow journal, and very close to my first grow. I've had a couple failed attempts the predecessors to this batch of four is going somewhat smoothly. I have two WWs that I switched over to 12/12 just over a week ago, but that's another story... I'm kind of hoping that in...
  17. lukebro

    Lukebro's 1st Grow From Bagseed

    Hi guys Lukebro here. I wanted to start this journal just to sort of map out my progress and of course get any input from the amazing community at :420: I will start with the specs What strain is it? -bagseed Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? - unknown Is it in Veg or...
  18. C

    Chappy's Coco White Widow & CBD Therapy Grow Journal - 2017

    You guys will get to know me as Chappy. This will be my first ever grow and I wanted to capture this experience in a grow journal. This way I can share this experience with you guys, learn about how to grow, and hopefully provide a good detailed journal that will be useful to others who are also...
  19. I

    Iceman420's White Walker Kush & Skunk#1 Auto - LED Grow - Day 10 Of Veg

    What strain is it? I've got (2) white walker kush girls, and (2) Skunk #1 Auto girls Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long?10 days Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? HP Pro Mix(mixed with earthworm castings and Roots Organic Soil)...
  20. 4

    First Ever Grow - Crop King White Widow Auto & 2 Unknown - 1000W LED x2

    Hi guys just found out about this site a week or so ago from one of the sponsors. Looking for any advice as this is my very first grow. I had the opportunity to get some hands on time in a local growers tents. Not a know it all, just looking for some friendly advice on my "low budget" grow...
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