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  1. OGeMann

    White Widow Auto Grow: Pt. 2

    Started my second grow of White Widow autos: I have 6 of them this round.
  2. Girl #1

    Girl #1

    she had some Nitrogen deficiency 2 weeks ago, caught in time has not spread on to other places (leaves) or has gotten worse.
  3. OGeMann

    First White Widow Auto Indoor Grow: Part 1

    4 White Widow autos: They are in 3 gal fabric pots in a 5x5x8 tent They popped up on October 11,2020: Zoom in on this one⬇️ Awesome looking this is them at 5 wks, 5 days⬇️ Soil 70-30% mix=FFOF/ coco 2: HLG 100 V2 3000K will be getting 2 more for the next grow In-line fan- 400 CFM 1- 6...
  4. Kvarrasso28

    Mabel’s Final Product!

    With this being my first grow I’m so happy with the turn out!! I was so nervous to cut the buds when it came down to it! Every time I thought maybe I need to today, I’d wait a few more and it was well worth it! She was around 12 weeks, a little over 5 weeks for flowering. Turns out she was a...
  5. 20180618_131603.jpg


    Indica hybrid reveg
  6. D

    Hello from Ontario, Canada eh!

    Hey I'm new to the 420 magazine site, just finished my first indoor test run grow, about to start the real deal and looking to post a grow journal with pictures online for any help full suggestions and information. I have growen outdoors for decades but pretty new to indoors.
  7. 4

    Grape Muerte Auto - PC Grow Box

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and in fact this will be my first post about my first grow. This grow is probably not gonna be one of the best grows out there on the internet but I hope that I could learn from you guys. Reading articles and watching educational videos are one thing, but...
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