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  1. T

    Gavita 1650e vs CLW Solarsystem 1100 UVB

    Which LED light would you use in your grow room?
  2. Mr. Krip

    Completed Sponsored Grow: KIND LED K5 XL1000 With Ace Seeds In High Brix Soil

    Welcome, everyone, to my new journal, and apologies for the slight delay in getting this started as we were finalizing all the details. As the title says, this is a sponsored grow featuring the Kind K5 XL1000 LED grow light, and growing Bubba Hash and Orient Express by Ace Seeds in Doc Bud's...
  3. P

    Grow Light Help

    Alright so first timer here, growing Lowryder 2. I have a CFL 2700K 23W, also a 5000K LED light,then i have a LED Warm White 3000k 10W, and 4 9W LED grow strips. Which would be better growing these plants within the vegative/seedling stage. I have notice my plants being droopy and darker...
  4. TurboBucket

    MaxBloom X4 Plus Cree Edition: Initial Review

    Hey folks here's my initial thoughts and opinions on my new MaxBloom X4 plus Cree edition. I've owned a few different cheaper LEDs and currently use a QB type setup but I wanted more control over my spectrum than either of these options offered. I'm very happy to have won the opportunity to give...
  5. dunkindabs

    First time - Grow lights to use

    I am new to growing and wanted to test some lights out before I spend a lot of money on buying them. Do you guys think it is worth renting before buying them? You know to get a feel for how they work and not be in the whole for a 1k plus considering how much some led light cost.
  6. F

    Looking for some LED advice - New to the game!

    Hi everyone, I grow a variety of cacti, succulent, and mesemb plants! I do so outdoors during the summer and fall months and when things get cooler, all the plants have to come indoors. Unfortunately most of these plants NEED consistently high light to grow normally and flower. Unfortunately...
  7. J

    Set up for 4x8x7.5 grow room

    Hi all, As you can see from the title, I am totally new to growing. Please don't get frustrated with me, I know I am going to sound dumb as hell, but I have no idea what to use for lighting (600W 100W or more), carbon filter, fan, ect. I am the kind of person who smoked a joint every once in...
  8. O

    Need Help - growing lights for a few plants indoors

    Hi First of all I thank you for reading this. I had my first grow about 10 months ago , those were a few plants i had on a pot in my balcony (outdoor actually) and I had the seeds from my bud (bag seeds). They actually turned out so good, much more than what I was expecting. Now in the winter...
  9. sfxman

    Indoor Lighting: Using LEDs through the full grow

    I have produced over 16 grows now using only LED and feel I have finally gotten a handle on things. I wanted to write this blog so I could lay down the info for reference for my friends instead of repeating it over and over so here goes. When we started, we bought several of the "Chinese"...
  10. M

    Mars II LED lights by lG-LED

    Has anyone ever used these lights?? I see they use a 5watt diode by Cree..I'm thinking ofusing 5. 700w in a 10 x 10..any input would be appreciated
  11. M

    Newbie, soon to be a Pro

    Hey Guys, I am Monkey Bone, completely new to growing any sort of vegetable. I do not use Cannabis but I would like to try it out after I grow some for myself. The reason I am here is because I'd like to grow since I am very curious about it and I love challenges. I have never even grown a...
  12. K

    Grow Light Options Discussion

    The other day I was having a conversation with another grower I know about, what else, growing! In particular we were discussing grow lights and we had a bit of a disagreement over what was the best in terms of actual performance, overall cost, cost compared to performance, and so on...
  13. F

    Abandoned Light of Jah LED Hydro Grow

    So the girl and I started 9 Light of Jah 100% feminized seeds on November 5th. We were using moon dust (ass dust) and it caused the plants to get super stressed on bad nutrients. Now we are using some new nutrients that seem to be making them recover. Sadly though, we might have lost the purple...
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