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  1. P

    Unknown strain with Long Veg, FIM, LST

    Hi all, this is my project that I’m doing from January. It went trough a lot! Moving place 4 times in its life. Started indoor under cfl than ended up outside on window ( got very unhappy and lost most of foliage and grew three fingered leaves. After that I moved it to balcony , repotted just...
  2. Brnwn4

    First Time Grow! Some From Clones Some From Solo

    SOIL GROW Strain - 1 cherry bomb, 8 Gorilla Bomb, 1 Grand Daddy Purp, 2 Blueberry Gum, 3 girl scout cookie. I have some cookie wreck cuttings rooting also. # of Plants - 15 plants Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage – Just Started Vege Setup – Not Sure? Light – viparspectra 600w (600PAR T) Nutrients -...
  3. T

    My First Grow! GSC Extreme - Need Input Please

    Okay, so this is going to be my first Grow/Forum. I've just purchased 5 GSC Extreme Seeds fem and would like to grow these babies into some tip top shelf buds (not cheap). I'm willing to spend a little bit of doe so i'm open to ideas. My plan was 5x 5 gallon pots with Fox Farm Happy Frog...
  4. M

    Bag Seed Closet Grow

    Hello folks, This is a Random Bag Seed..nothin fancy. Using CFLs at the moment. This baby seems to be taking off. Havent tried to get fancy with anything except the grow box I constructed. Out of 5 random bag seeds this was the only one that germinated and took off, and shes startin to look...
  5. I

    Outdoor Grow - Started April 23rd

    Hey guys.. This is my first post in 4 years! A lot has improved since then! These plants were started 4/23 Right now most of them are in 5 Gallon Smart pots, still waiting to transplant a few Used Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog Nutes: Grow Big, Big Bloom Try and guess how many...
  6. Q

    Qman's DWC Mystery Seed Grow Log

    This grow started on 09/08 straight from collected bag seeds, it only took two days to germinate 1 seed out of 4 I picked. I chose one randomly to put into grodan and the other 2 never opened. Luck? or superior conditions of the grodan over the wet paper towel within the ziplock. The strain...
  7. Blayzed

    Haze Grow Journal First Time Grower (Please Leave Thoughts or Tips!)

    :rollit: Hey Everyone, After I received my messed up clone (Which I created a Grow Journal for as well Amnesia Haze Grow Log - First Grow (Tips!)), I decided to try and start from a seed, but unfortunately I couldn't find anyone locally that were willing to part with some of their seeds. One...
  8. Blayzed

    Amnesia Haze Grow Log - First Grow: Tips!

    :yummy: Hey Guys, Here's the story on my new little Amnesia Haze Plant. My friend was given a clone called Amnesia Haze (cut and cloned on 11/6/09). After he took the plant, he decided he didn't want it, so he threw it it a ziplock bag, put it in his garage, and gave up on it. Once I heard...
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